Fall 2012 Golden Griffin Recipients

Congratulations to all of our Fall 2012 Golden Griffin Recipients!

Jeff Herrick

Sadler & Campus Centers
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: August 2012


Jeff goes beyond his job in his willingness to help. He follows up on job requests to be sure nothing is missed and gives great attention to detail. When putting in requests for AV,  Jeff will call to be sure that you have thought of all avenues and gives helpful ideas or solutions. Recently, Jeff has worked nearly non-stop during Orientation and staff trainings.   He does so much for so many offices and people, and his work is always behind the scenes. Jeff makes other people look good! He deserves our "in front of the stage" applause and congratulations. Bring him the Griffin!

Aimee Stright

Dean of Students Office
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: August 2012


Aimee put in countless additional hours this summer as the graduate assistant for the Orientation program.  Of course, this work continued into the main program once the school year got underway.   Often Aimee would work a complete "normal" work day, and then remain after-hours to get her other work-related tasks accomplished. Aimee exhibits outstanding professionalism in her commitment to the university, the office, and the program.  She is a wonderful colleague with whom it is a joy to work.

Ashleigh Brock

Cohen Career Center
Core Value: Collaboration - Recipient: October 2012 (her 2nd GG!)


Ashleigh has served as liaison to Athletics for several years. She goes out of her way to engage the student athletes in planning for meaningful career exploration, is creative in developing new programs to serve them, and always (ALWAYS!) wants to be sure that they have input on the services and programming. Student athletes have indicated that they found her to be helpful, caring, enthusiastic, and professional. The Athletic Department has truly benefited from the collaboration she has so willing entered into with coaches, staff and student athletes. 

Trici Fredrick

Student Activities
Core Value: Collaboration - Recipient: October 2012


During a time of transition in the Office of Student Activities, Trici collaborated with the administrative staff in her area so that the team approach was still intact. Her positive approach exemplified professional excellence and leadership, which in turn affected team moral. The Office of Student Activities didn't miss a beat; we continued to serve our students in an upbeat and cheerful manner. Trici stepped up, collaborated with her colleagues, and maintained humor, collaborative spirit and professional excellence. This is why Trici should be recognized for a Golden Griffin. 

Dana Anderson-Radcliffe

Residence Life
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: November 2012

I have worked alongside Dana for over 2 years.  She has shown excellence and great knowledge of her position and has jumped over hoops to ensure accuracy and clarification in her work. She is dependable and has a tremendous heart for others, always assisting people any way she can. I have given her my own title, which is “Assistant to The College of William & Mary”, because of her continued efforts to build relationships with other departments, professionals and students. She is a valuable asset to William & Mary and I am proud to say that I am able to work alongside of her.

Heather Lockwood

Department: Campus Recreation
Core Value: Professional Excellence - Recipient: December 2012


When Heather's supervisor had to take time off unexpectedly, Heather told me right away she was ready for the challenge. It did not take long to realize she was right. There are many parts to our fitness and wellness program, and Heather was able to hold them all together. She even started a few new programs for the fitness student staff to work together more closely. Heather took the challenge, ran with it, and did whatever was necessary to get the job done. She has shown professional excellence each and every day and with each new challenge she has faced.