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Action Areas

During AY20-21 Provost Agouris identified several strategic areas within the academic mission of the university to explore and develop with the deans, vice provosts, faculty and other partners. The planning undertaken in these areas and resulting actions are intended to focus, guide and advance William & Mary’s academic position over the next few years. These areas include the following:

Sustainable Curriculum

Developing a sustainable curriculum for each school that ensures William & Mary will continue to deliver education that is impactful, responsive and pedagogically sound now and into the future. Learn more.

New Programmatic Areas

Advancing William & Mary’s impact by identifying and developing new programmatic undergraduate and graduate areas in evidence-based, high-demand areas for the workforce and future incoming students, while seeking out new ways of identifying potential students and programs to increase W&M's intellectual and representational diversity.

Vision 2026 Faculty Innovators

The Provost's Office has launched the Vision 2026 Faculty Innovators initiative to encourage new faculty-driven projects that advance the four pillars of the strategic plan: data, water, democracy and careers. The initiative helps faculty members drive from idea to fruition with staged check-ins that test and reward the projects across five stages. Rewards and project support escalate over the course of the phases. Learn more.

Research Vision & Future Trajectory

Exploring and expanding W&M’s vision and future trajectory for research as a Carnegie R2 doctoral institution with high research activity.

Inter- & Multi-Disciplinary Framework

Strengthening and creating the academic framework for inter/multi-disciplinary teaching and scholarship within and across schools to offer state-of-the-art programs that build on diverse yet complementary disciplines and that leverage W&M’s full potential. Learn more

Centers & Institutes at William & Mary

William & Mary is home to centers and institutes that span the globe in research and impact. These serve the entire university enterprise, receive significant philanthropic or grant funding and meaningfully connect W&M, its people and its brain trust, to stakeholders around the world. These multidisciplinary centers and institutes do this while offering consequential experiential and applied learning opportunities to students who address global problems that influence society. Learn more

Online & Remote Instruction

Expanding W&M's capabilities to deliver high quality online and remote degree and certificate programs to new communities that further William & Mary’s reach and impact. Learn more

Data & Analytics Infrastructure

Identifying and creating the data and analytics infrastructure in academic administration needed for evidence-based planning and decision-making. Learn more.

Participatory Governance & Input

Encouraging participatory governance and input in resource planning and decision-making to advise the provost and chief operating officer. Learn more.

Engagement with Academic Administration

Providing opportunities and mechanisms for members of the W&M community to access and engage with academic administration and to add their voices to critical conversation. Learn more.

Academic Leadership Development

Equipping faculty to take on academic leadership roles and enhancing organizational capacity at the various administrative levels through professional development and training. Learn more.

Wellness & Well-Being

Promoting wellness and well-being within the academic environment among faculty, students and staff, while examining and addressing the role that academic stress plays in the William & Mary culture.

Washington, D.C. Presence

Enhancing William & Mary's presence in Washington, D.C., including the physical and programmatic expansion of the Washington Center, supported by the strength of W&M's brand and affiliated regional community, thereby extending William & Mary’s national influence.