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What They're Saying


  • Proteges and Mentors meet

    We get lunch about once a month and talk about life and some women's issues.
  • We share our struggles and any solutions that we've found.
  • I am glad that I can talk to my mentor more casually than I may with most other professors.
  • My mentor and I have established a great relationship, in which we can talk very openly about things in our lives and support and coach each other.
  • I was able to talk to my mentor about academics and school related things, but also about other things that were completely random. It was easy to talk to her and I think I developed a good relationship with her; hopefully I will be able to meet with her every once in a while when possible in my following years here at W&M.
  • It was lovely to connect with a female faculty member in a non-academic setting.
  • I felt more connected to the College, and I liked the opportunity this program provided to meet new people.
  • I am very glad that I signed up for this because I was able to develop a relationship with someone at W&M that I probably never would have been able to do otherwise. It's great to develop a good relationship with someone at the college, especially a faculty member. I definitely will be using her as a resource for school and out of school advice, etc., from here on out.
  • The career questions my protégé had were items I felt like I could address and could provide her with alternative views. I found that I was so proud of hearing about her opportunities after college and anticipate that I'll keep in touch when she leaves W & M.
  • My protégé is an amazing young person — and what a different way to experience life at W&M than my usual role. I feel like I have a new appreciation for what challenges our students face, and made a new friend in the process. For example, we ran into each other at the Campus Rec yesterday — she came right over and introduced her friends — I am glad that she has that level of comfort with an administrator on campus.
  • This experience put me in touch with a student experience, and shined a light on the challenges of being a non-traditional transfer student at W&M.
  • Being 21 again — it was amazing to see life through her eyes and build trust and a friendship. Highs and lows and everything in between — what a great experience.
  • Building community across campus is a wonderful side benefit of the program.
  • Seriously, my time spent with my protégé this year was among the most valuable I spent all year.