33. Middle Woodland Settlement and Environment in the Chisel Run/Powhatan Creek Drainage

by D. B. Blanton and S. C. Pullins, with contributions from G. Brush, W. Hilgartner and L. Kealhofer

Archaeological Data Recovery at Sites 44JC127 and 44JC850
Associated with the Route 199 Project, James City County, Virginia
2004 98pp., 48 figs., 22 tables, 4 appdx.

Findings at these two small Middle Woodland interior sites are synthesized with data recovery results from seven analogous sites excavated along the Route 199 corridor over the past two decades. Adding useful context are detailed environmental reconstructions based on analysis of sediments from wetland cores and stratified deposits at 44JC127. The discussion also draws on findings from dozens of interior Middle Woodland sites identified during cultural resource management projects on the James-York peninsula. The result of this research is a comprehensive new interpretation of Middle Woodland cultural dynamics in the lower Chesapeake.

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