24. Four Thousand Years on the Appomattox

by K. E. Stuck, D. B. Blanton, C. M. Downing, V. L. Deitrick, G. J. Brown, S. T. Andrews and J. Bowen

Archaeological Data Recovery at Site 44PG381
Associated with the Route 10 Bridge Widening, Prince George County, Virginia
1997 viii + 204 pp., 136 figs., 19 tables, 3 appdx (artifact inventory on microfiche)

Savannah River lithic technology of the Late Archaic was reconstructed based on in situ debitage and tools from all stages of the biface manufacturing process in this small camp. Hundreds of ceramic sherds, several projectile points, and portions of two structures yielded important information on Late Woodland settlement. X-radiographic techniques were used to study variations in ceramic paste and its implications for group interactions, mobility, and technological expediency. The 18th-century component included a large midden area and several features. Personalized bottle seals traced these contexts to the Bland family's Cawsons Plantation. A Civil War component was represented by tent features and artifacts dating to the area=s use as a Union hospital during the siege of Petersburg.

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