12. The Evolution of an Early Tidewater Town

by T. F. Higgins III, C. M. Downing, J. M. Bradshaw, K. J. Reinhard, G. J. Brown, D. L. Davenport and I. Rovner

Phase III Data Recovery at Sites 44HT38 and 44HT39
City of Hampton, Virginia
1993 vol. 1: viii + 246 pp. 113 figs.; vol. 2 (specialized studies and inventory): iv + 292 pp. (artifact inventory on microfiche)

The investigation of Sites 44HT38 and 44HT39 involved data recovery on over 1,000 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century features, including the remains of wells, walkways, posthole complexes, cellars, and building foundations. The research results provide important information for reconstructing early Hampton and understanding its development, including: town formation processes as reflected in the orientation and location of archaeological resources; the evolution of architectural styles along Hampton's waterfront during the early colonial period; the locations of residential, commercial, and industrial areas along Hampton's waterfront; and the general economic status of waterfront residents during the colonial and antebellum periods.

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