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Candidate List

Learn more about the individuals running for SA office.

On March 28th, Spring Elections will be held to elect your student representatives for the 2024-2025 academic year. There will be races for Student Body President and Vice President, ran on a ticket, and for Class President and Class Senator for 2025, 2026, and 2027. Below are the ballot statements and social media links for each candidate (in alphabetical order):

Student Body President and Vice President Tickets


Yannie Chang (@yannie4preisdent) and Hashir Aqeel (@hashir4senator) | @votechangaqeel, Website

If elected, Kinsley Fandja will be Chief of Staff. Thank you for allowing me to serve as the 2025 class president for the past 3 years. Transparently, being in Student Assembly has been bittersweet. It’s hard being in situations where people are wildly out of touch with students or disregard concerns. It’s hard constantly explaining why they should care, that this is about real people, real students who are impacted by so many higher up decisions. But, I’ve also met amazing students, faculty, staff and admin who truly care for others and are passionate about good change. This is what makes this advocacy worth it to me and gives me strength. If elected, I will continue to fight for students, and underrepresented voices/topics: POC, FGLI, grads, athletes, student parents, substance abuse illness, international students, LGBTQIA+, accessibility, sustainability, and human rights. Equally important, I’ll listen and make myself available to students.

Over the past three years, I’ve had the immense privilege of serving as a Senator for the Class of 2025. During my time in Senate, I’ve worked on both the policy and advocacy for dozens of Multicultural, Health & Wellness, and Student Rights events. This time around, should I be elected Vice President, I aim to use my position for more direct communication with our administration to ask some of the hard questions: Why do students, especially underrepresented students, feel like they have to go through external channels to have basic needs met? Why don’t we have transparency regarding how our tuition money is spent? What are we doing to make sure William and Mary remains a world class institution for those of us who are already here? With that being said, vote Chang and Aqeel for leaders who will fight for you, both through policy and advocacy.

Terra Sloane and Oscar Lazo | @votesloanelazo, Website, Linktree

Hello everyone! My name's Terra M. Sloane, a junior from Bowling Green, OH! I am a Government & GSWS Major with a specialization in Sexual Violence Prevention and Reproductive Justice. I have spent my past three years on campus involved in a plethora of service and advocacy organizations (SYK, VOX, APO, and more!), and I would be honored to continue that work as your Student Body President! I love William & Mary so much, and I feel insanely lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing and enriching community. In the past three years, I have been able to show how much I love this community by trying to make it better. Student Assembly has given me a way to speak to students and administrators alike about the ways that we can improve. I want to further these conversations and see them come to fruition. Thank you for your consideration!

Hey! I’m Oscar Lazo, a junior from Centreville, VA studying Government and Hispanic Studies, with a keen interest in transitional justice and human rights in Latin America. Outside of class, I serve as Student Assembly’s Secretary of Diversity Initiatives, sing with The Stairwells and The Choir, am involved in a social fraternity, and welcome new students wearing neon yellow as an orientation aide. Serving in various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion roles across campus, I have acquired a rich understanding of William & Mary’s campus life and how administrative offices intersect with our day-to-day student experience. As Student Body Vice President, I hope to continue to leverage my connections and what I know so far to bring justice, visibility, and accountability to university-wide issues. I am beyond determined to continue fostering a positive and inclusive academic culture for all, across all disciplines and across all schools. Thank you and GO TRIBE!

Class of 2025 President Candidates
Matthew Hwang | @matthwang4prez

Let your voices be heard!! It's our final year! Let's make this year a truly unforgettable one by celebrating our hard work, cherishing our memories, and embarking on a new chapter of our life journey. Serving as your Senator for the past years, I am prepared to amplify your voices on a grander scale as your Class President. By ensuring proper communication through class newsletters, addressing concerns directly to administration, continuing ongoing work on health initiatives, amplifying and creating cultural/identity-centered events, and organizing wellness events, together, we can #ROLLL TRIBEEE!!

Aggie Rigo Saitta | @aggie4classpres

Hi! I’m Aggie, an Italian student who transferred to the college from the University of St Andrews. I self-designed my major in Innovation for Sustainable Business given that I am passionate about the intersections between sustainability and entrepeneurship. I absolutely love baking, and started a small cakes business at St Andrews which I hope to bring to W&M too! On campus, I’m involved with Mock Trial, the Flat Hat, Chi Omega, and the Institute of Integrative Conservation. I truly appreciate the tight-knit community that is cultivated at the college, and would like to amplify the voice of all members within our class, including transfers, commuters, exchange and international students. As your class president, I will utilize my international background to bridge the gaps between different culural, religious, and social perpsectives, whilst prioritizing frequent and transparent communication between students from our class, the entire student assembly, and the college administration.

Class of 2025 Senator Candidates


Jeffrey Gu | @jeffrey_for_senator

Together, we can build a brighter future.

Laayba Tanoli | @senator.laayba

Hello! I'm Laayba Tanoli (she/her), and I'm thrilled to announce my candidacy for YOUR Class of 2025 Senator. As a first-generation South Asian student, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of our community's diverse needs. Having proudly served as a Class Senator this semester, I've made strides in enhancing cultural representation, FGLI support, dietary accommodations, and menstrual health for our Student Body. Looking ahead, I am committed to continuing this work and expanding our efforts to prioritize mental health and advocate for sustainable practices to promote environmental consciousness. I am dedicated to ensuring every voice is VALUED and HEARD! Build a more inclusive and supportive community together. Vote Laayba Tanoli for positive change!

Hazel Vineet | @hazelvineet

Hi 2025, my name is Hazel Vineet and I'm running for reelection as of your Senators. I have served as a Class of '25 Senator for the past two years, and before that, I served as Student Assembly's Undersecretary of Mental Health & Wellness. During my time in Senate, I have focused on Diversity and Wellness initiatives, including bringing COVID tests to SWEM, QTPOC Prom, mental health initiatives with the CSD, and planning the Art & Hatsuye Ball. Along with continuing projects, I want to ensure Student Assembly becomes more transparent, accessible, and equitable for the general student body. My campus involvements as a part of SASA, AKPsi, International Mini Mart, and as an OA have granted me invaluable opportunities to learn from many of my amazing peers. A vote for me is a vote for a Senator who listens to and represents the voices of the Class of 2025.

Class of 2026 President Candidate


Zoe Wang | @zoewang4president,

Hello, Class of 2026! Thank you for giving me the incredibly fulfilling experience of serving you for the past two terms. This term, I have been able to update the furniture in the Daily Grind, increase awareness of W&M’s on and off-campus resources (including a new resource called Callisto) for survivors of sexual assault, host Trifold Making Parties, purchase loanable cashboxes for RSOs to rent out, fund food at the pumpkin carving event, and show appreciation for our OAs. I hope you give me the opportunity to continue working on ongoing initiatives including funding sustainable period products, increasing the amount of period product dispensers and making sure they get filled, purchasing more outdoor furniture including a swing and hammocks, and installing string lighting between Washington and McGlothlin Hall. I truly hope for this amazing opportunity again. All the best, Zoe Wang

Class of 2026 Senator Candidates


Debbie Ho | @debbiho4senator

Hi! My name is Debbie Ho and I’m running for Class Senator. I am interested in working on environmental and mental/physical health policies, such as improving water quality in the Crim Dell and Lake Matoaka, reducing waste in the dining halls, and increasing accessibility for disabilities. I would also like to improve communication between students and senators, through increasing the use of surveys. Additionally, I could create more partnerships with local businesses to foster a deeper sense of community. Currently I am the public relations chair of the Fencing Club and I hope to utilize the communication skills I have gained to succeed as a Senator. Thank you for reading this and vote for me for Senator!

Spencer Krivo | @senator_krivo

Hello! I am Spencer and I am an incumbant 2026 Senator. This last session I focussed on bringing the campus health resources such as COVID tests and helped prepare and staff campus events. Feel free to voice opinions or just come up to chat while I am on campaign!

Ashlynn Parker | @ashforwm

Students of the Class of 2026, I have served in Student Assembly as your senator for the past year and a half. Over the past year I have done my best to listen to your input and help make a difference to the school. I have worked on many initiatives such as: improving William and Mary's mental health resources, working with university officials and peers to address the sexual assault issue on campus, assisting Class President Mia Tilman with her sexual health initiatives, implementing more sustainably resources, and more. l am hopeful that I will be able to serve you for another year and continue working on these initiatives and more issues that are important to the student body. Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Swenson | @mattforwm

I am running to represent you in Student Assembly for a third term. I hope I’ve demonstrated that I am committed to your needs and put in the work. I consistently show up, ready to listen to anyone and anything. My bills this year include the Let’s Vote Act encouraging civic participation, providing funding for Patton Oswalt shows, buying and distributing more keypers, the Supporting LGBTQ+ Roommates Act, and the Queer and Trans People of Color Formal. I am deeply knowledgeable of our financial processes as the Senate Finance Chair, and am working to ensure Student Assembly works efficiently by revising the Code and Constitution. Next term, I hope to work on initiatives supporting my own FGLI community. I am driven by my passion for uplifting under-heard voices and desire to bring people together. I appreciate your trust in me and hope it can continue, Matt :)

Class of 2027 President Candidates


Nico Giro-Martin | @nico4classprez

Hi, my name is Nico, and I’m running for Class President once again. This past term as Class President has been so enlightening. I never expected the grandeur that comes with Student Assembly, a stark difference from most high school student councils. I have been able to work on a plethora of issues and initiatives, from free ice skating to pedestrian safety. If I were to be reelected, I promise to work as diligently as I have been to improve student well-being. In the fall I ran on the principle of student voice and I can affirm that I will be here to resolve your concerns, whatever they may be.


Class of 2027 Senator Candidates 


Cheryl Dao | @chercher.xoxo

I'm thrilled to run for the position of Class Senator and be dedicated to amplifying your voices and addressing your concerns. My platform focuses on three key areas: 1. Engagement and Accessibility: I'll ensure every student feels heard and valued by actively seeking your input and feedback. 2. Student Well-being and Support: I'll work to enhance mental health resources, academic support, and campus amenities. 3. Advocacy and Action: I'll champion initiatives for campus sustainability and social justice, advocating for positive change. With your support, we can make a real difference in our college community. Let's empower change together—vote Cheryl Dao for Class Senator! Thank you for your consideration.


Gavin Kelly-Miller | @gavin_senator

My name is Gavin Kelly-Miller and I am running for Senator. I served on student government for all four years of high school, including as school president my senior year. I am running because I am passionate about certain issues on campus and hope to make a material difference. If elected, I will work with Residence Life and Facilities to better understand the true costs associated with providing washers and dryers in residence halls and lower, if not eliminate, student costs for use of laundry machines. I am also planning to look at Student Accessibility Services and brainstorm ways to improve and streamline processes including housing (Residence Life), appointment wait times, access to SAS computers and communication with professors. As Senator, I will commit to working on my initiatives and to supporting larger Student Assembly objectives. I will advocate for all students. Vote Gavin!

Sophie Kennedy | @kennedy_for_wm2027

Class of 2027, I eagerly ask for your vote for Class Senator. While serving as a Class Senator briefly this year, I further honed my organizational skills and ability to collaborate with peers. Additionally, as VP of my Community Council, I have worked as a team to organize and plan events. I am deeply committed to representing the diverse voices within our community. As the Director of Inclusion for my sorority, I understand the power of inclusivity, effective leadership, and the ability to bridge gaps within our community. As a Class Senator, I would be dedicated to fostering unity, creating memorable experiences, and amplifying the voices of our student body. I thrive on making connections and am enthusiastic about this opportunity to serve you all. I kindly ask for your trust and your vote as we work together to make our community a better place for all. Thank you!

Kevin Lim | @klimited.1114

I believe the Student Assembly is created to do one thing and one thing only: to serve the needs of the student body. If elected, I promise to be an open and extrovert senator, to whom anyone could voice their complaints and worries. My current policy stands as an economic revival and digital integration. To increase job opportunities with payable income to the student body and to provide other wanted services, I intend to create occupations for our class. I also desire to upgrade and digitalize our infrastructure, such as our TribeCard into our Apple Wallet or a better scanner for our gym doors. Finally, I want to use more of our funding to fund and sponsor our sporting and cultural club. As an enjoyer of martial arts and Korean heritage, I desire to increase our sporting and cultural clubs. Please vote for the first Buddhist senatorial candidate.

Tyson Liverman | @tysonfor2027

I am running for class senator again because I want to ensure the voices of people of color are being represented. I am the only Black senator for the class of 2027 and with the class of 2024 leaving, there is the possibility I'll be the only Black senator. I am not the spokesperson for the entire black community, but being one of few in Senate I'd like to use my position to advocate on behalf of not just the black student population but all students of color on campus. One of the things I've been working on in Senate is making mental health resources for people of color more known and accessible to students. If granted another term I'd like to make sure events like Sankofa Gala continue and best represent the culture and that students of color have the best experience at college. Vote Tyson!

Adrian Ryan | @senatoradrian, Website

Hi, my name is Adrian Ryan. I’m running for Class of 2027 Senator. The Class of 2027 needs new leadership in Student Assembly. Over the past year, our representatives only (co)sponsored 5 out of 33 SA bills/resolutions – the vast majority were initiatives of the other class’s leadership. This lack of legislation means that our class priorities were not addressed. We need a change of leadership. I am the most qualified and experienced candidate to lead our class as a Senator. I currently serve as a GGV Community Council Representative, and served in Student Council throughout high school. I also worked at both the offices of Congresswoman Elaine Luria and the York County government. In these roles, I learned how to address the priorities of my peers and community. As your Senator, I will prioritize your concerns and ensure that our class is always heard. Vote Adrian for Senator!

Sophia Shebay

I am running for Class of 2027 Senator because I am very passionate about student government and our W&M class specifically. In high school, I was very involved in Student Council and was both historian and secretary at different times. I was able to get a close up look and experience at event planning. I believe that this school and class is the perfect size. There are so many opportunities for class bonding and I am committed to making those happen. Class of 2027-only events like Crumbl Cookie meet and greet or other out-of-the-box ideas could be so fun, especially if we're able to get word out. I would be especially committed to getting the word out about these events and getting everyone excited for them.

Mayer Tawfik | @mayerwmsenate

As a FGLI student, I understand how challenging and confusing the college experience can be. As your representative, I will work to make this campus as accessible, inclusive, and nurturing as possible by being an advocate for all students and their social, athletic, financial, and academic needs. I will continue to bring forth meaningful advocacy to better the student experience as I have for the past term. As your Senator, I have worked to introduce syllabus accessibility pre-registration and am currently working on various health, safety, and diversity initiatives. Looking to the future, I want to build on the progress I have made and work on more initiatives with the institutional knowledge and skills I have now gained. If I am re-elected, I will strive to make every student heard and advocated for.

Hunter Steele White | @hunter_for_senate_27

Hey guys! My name is Hunter Steele White, I’m honored to be asking for your vote in this Spring’s election. I’m a transfer student from Arizona who was temporarily handicapped for a large part of my high school years. Because of that, my main goals are to vastly expand access for students with disabilities, improve the ability for transfer students to participate in our community, better access to contraceptives and personal healthcare products, and at long last get our TribeCards onto Apple Wallet! I’m super passionate about my dogs, basketball, and the outdoors. Feel free to reach out to chat about literally anything, I’d love to get to know you. I’m really excited to get to serve this incredible community that has welcomed me in with open arms, I hope I can earn your vote!