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Legislative Branch


The Senate is the legislative body of Student Assembly. It is comprised of representatives from across campus who serve to improve student life on campus. Each undergraduate class elects 4 Senators and 1 Class President. Each graduate program appoints at least 1 representative. Representatives are empowered to write legislation and work on initiatives to improve campus life. Representatives meet weekly (while classes are in session) on Tuesdays at 7pm EST. Senate meetings are open to the student body. Meeting dates and locations can be found in Student Assembly Tribelink page


The Senate consists of 3 committees. Each Senator serves on one committee.

  • Finance
  • Student Experience
  • Policy & Student Rights

Below are the representatives of each undergraduate class and graduate program. 

Class of 2024
President: [[mctilman, Mia Tilman]]
  • [[dabess, Daniel Bess]]
  • [[sbgarnett, Soleil Garnett]]
  • [[sltammera, Sophia Tammera]]
  • [[jebailey01, Justin Bailey]]
Class of 2025
President: [[mshwang, Matthew Hwang]]
  • [[jxgu, Jeffrey Gu]]
  • [[lktanoli, Laayba Tanoli]]
  • [[hvineet, Hazel Vineet]]
Class of 2026
President: [[zfwang, Zoe Wang]]
  • [[dkho, Debbie Ho]]
  • [[sdkrivo, Spencer Krivo]]
  • [[mjswenson, Matthew Swenson]]
  • [[avparker, Ashlyn Parker]]
Class of 2027
President: [[ngiromartin, Nico Giro-Martin]]
  • [[adao01, Cheryl Dao]]
  • [[tdliverman, Tyson Liverman]]
  • [[mtawfik, Mayer Tawfik]]
  • [[smkennedy03, Sophie Kennedy]]
Graduate Schools Senators 
  • [[sccheadle, Shawn Connor Cheadle]], Law School
  • [[cmoneill, Connor O'Neill]], Law School
  • [[vsingh01, Vedant Singh]], School of Business
  • [[scelci, Seyda Celci]], School of Business
  • VACANT, School of Education
  • VACANT, Arts & Sciences