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Information on the Special Election to be held April 8th 2024


On April 3rd, Student Assembly Announced that a Special Election will take place on Monday, April 8th for the President/Vice President. The Review Board Opinion and Message to the students is included in this announcement.

Full Description
The Review Board Opinion for Case N. 24-ELE-0001

The following message was distributed to all students on Wednesday, April 3rd:

Hi everyone, 

We are writing to give you an update about the recent Student Assembly Election that many of you voted in last Thursday, March 28th. Our process allows for an appeal of the election. On March 30th, there was an appeal filled with the Student Assembly Review Board followed by a hearing on April 1st. The opinion from the Review Board, delivered on April 3rd, concluded that the result of the Student Body Presidential Election was invalid, calling for a special election. 

Because of this decision, the Student Assembly’s Independent Elections Commission will be hosting a special election this Monday, April 8th. Polls will be open from 8 AM to 8 PM. Students will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for Student Body President and Vice President. 

We appreciate your participation in our democratic process and hope that you will continue to stay engaged even as we head into this special election!

Sydney & Jason 
Student Assembly President | 
Student Assembly Chair of the Independent Elections Commission |