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Implementation Team

A multi-disciplinary team from William & Mary and VIMS is coming together to implement the SPARCS software.  Contact the team via email at [[sparcs]].

Key Team Members
Katherine Davis Small (W&M OSP)
Cindy Corbett (W&M OSP)
Bernie Kulas (Office of the Vice Provost)
Catherine Freiling (IT)
Josh Frederick (IT)
Kathryn Baldwin (IT)
Rachel Pace (IT)
Connie Motley (VIMS OSP)
Gary Anderson (VIMS ITNS)
John Thomas (VIMS ITNS)
Maddie Eaton (VIMS OSP)
Valerie Woodard (VIMS OSP)
Salley Rowe (W&M OSP)
Jim Gregory (W&M OSP)
Destiny Jones (W&M OSP)

Louise Ndiaye  (W&M OSP)