Board of Visitors Meeting Notes

The Board of Visitors' (BOV) meeting notes are compiled by the "staff representative" to the BOV and shared with  professionals and professional faculty and with operational/classified/hourly staff via listservs for those employees.

The staff representative seat is held on alternating years by a representative from either the Professionals & Professional Faculty Assembly or the Staff Assembly.  The BOV appoints the staff member to the staff representative seat. 

There are also both a faculty representative seat and a student representative seat to the BOV.  The staff, faculty and student representatives sit at the BOV meetings to observe and to contribute to discussions, but do not vote.

Staff Representatives to the BOV:

FY2012: President Mary Molineux, Professionals & Professional Faculty Assembly
FY2011:  Deloris Thomas, Staff Assembly
FY2010:  President Mary Molineux, Professionals & Professional Faculty Assembly
FY2009:  President Ann Repeta, Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE)

Meeting Notes (all in pdf format):

April 2010
February 2010
November 2009
September 2009