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PPFA Elections

Spring 2023 Elections for the Professionals and Professional Faculty Assembly will begin on May 15th and close at 5pm on Friday, May 26th. Please take some time to review the candidates running for PPFA this year. 

2023 PPFA Ballot - Vote Now!

PPFA Elections 2023 - Candidate List
Tami Back, Swem Library

I serve as the communications director for William & Mary Libraries, and celebrated 10 years with the university in the fall. During my time here, my most memorable experiences have involved making connections and building relationships with my colleagues across campus. I was elected to the PPFA in June 2022, and I selected a one-year term. My term is coming to an end, but I believe I have much more to contribute. Please consider re-electing me, so that I can continue to work on behalf of the people who make W&M such a great place!

Alex Beard, University Advancement

I joined William & Mary in February 2023 and am currently working on the launch of One Network, a virtual networking platform. I have over a decade of experience in the public sector as both an employee and a consultant. Previously, I worked for the Federal Reserve System as an Industry Relations Representative, where I was responsible for representing the Fed in market engagements. In that capacity, I organized educational speaking engagements and created presentation materials for Fed executives. I also have over six years of experience working for Loudoun County Government, where I focused on community development initiatives and policies that impact young adults, including mental health initiatives and civic engagement programs. I am eager to join the Professional Development committee and share my passion for continuing education.

Martha Howard, OIEAHC

I handle communications and events for the Omohundro Institute (OI), an independent research organization that supports the scholars and scholarship of early America, broadly understood to mean the Atlantic World between roughly 1450 and 1820. We are co-sponsored by W&M and Colonial Williamsburg and have been part of campus for 80 years. The OI is my fourth campus home in twenty years. I also have worked for the English and Modern Languages departments and the Mason School of Business. I am very proud to be a member of W&M's staff and excited for the next phase of our shared future.

Rick Mikulski, W&M Libraries

I am sincerely grateful to have been nominated as a PPFA candidate and would be honored if elected as a representative.  Since joining the W&M Libraries, the PPFA has been a wonderful source of information and relationship building, and I am excited by this opportunity to work with colleagues across campus to contribute further to the PPFA community.    As an instruction and research (I&R) librarian in the main university library, I provide information literacy instruction sessions to various academic departments, and I work with I&R colleagues to offer reference and research support to the entire campus community. One of the many benefits of this position is that these instructional support activities have also provided chances to work with colleagues from CGA, GRI, OIEAHC, STLI, WRC and other units.   If elected to the PPFA, I would work to support and continue the excellent activities and services already undertaken by previous boards. The informational sessions with invited speakers and the PPFA social gatherings were particularly useful and pleasant as a new hire, and I would like to assist in the future planning of such events.  Equally important, I want to contribute toward keeping PPFA as a vibrant forum in which we can discuss the key issues on campus that impact upon all of our departments and units.  

Adam White, Information Technology

My position in IT as a Programmer/Analyst provides me the opportunity to help improve workflows and productivity in various business areas on campus such as Admissions, UReg, FinAid, Finance, and more. I am interested in learning more about other areas of the university and discovering new ways to help facilitate improvements to our work days, and indirectly to help improve the student experience.