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The Changing Nature of Pilgrimage in a Globalizing World - Program

*Links to the virtual presentations are found below the schedule for the live event.

Friday, November 12, 2021 
12:00-12:10 PM ET – Welcome and Introduction hosted by Kathleen Jenkins
12:10-12:50 PM ET – Keynote Discussion 

1:00-1:20              Session 1 (3 papers) Alternative Pilgrimage
1:20-1:40              Session 2 Pedagogy (Panel #1)
1:40-2:00              Session 3 Local Pilgrimages 
2:00-2:20              Session 4 Motivations and Supports 
2:20-2:30              Close for day

Saturday, November 13, 2021 
12:00-12:10         Welcome Back (hosted by Jim Barber)
12:10-12:30         Session 5 First person Narratives 
12:30-12:50         Session 6 Pedagogy (Panel #2)
12:50-1:10           Session 7 Social Issues  
1:10-1:30             Session 8 Technology & Pilgrimage 
1:30-1:40              Close Symposium 


Globalization, Glocalization, and Changes to Modern Pilgrimage in a Post-Secular World by Daniel Olsen

1:00-1:20 Session 1 - Alternative Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage during COVID-19: Impacts, Adaptations, and Recovery
by Anne Bailey
The Pilgrimage of the Page: Ocular Journeys in Contemporary Calligraphic Art
by Jonathan Homrighausen
Engaging with a Spirituality of Landscape by Liz Murray

1:20-1:40 Session 2 - Pedagogy (Panel #1)
A Semester on the Road to Santiago
(film 1h 39 min requires password: CaminoSemester) by Douglas Challenger & Laurie Challenger
Pilgrimage as a Medium: Teaching Art on the Camino
by Roxana Pérez-Méndez and Mario Manuel Marzán
"Just Walk", Using Pilgrimage to Reconceptualize Higher Education Administration Culture
by Ricardo Montelongo 

1:40-2:00 Session 3 - Local Pilgrimages 
Monastic Hospitality: Walking the Jacobsweg in Austria's Wachau by Brian Bouldrey
Sacred and Spiritual Destinations in the Southwestern United States by Lisa Signori and Carlos Mentley
The Lure of Authenticity: Pilgrimages to Greek Orthodox Monasteries in North America by Dino Bozonelos

2:00-2:20 Session 4 - Motivations and Supports 
Camino de Santiago: novels promoting spiritual and religious tourism by Isilda Leitão & Vitor Ambrósio
Only Connect: Pilgrimage's Hidden Truth by Ian McIntosh


DAY 2 - Saturday, November 13th

12:10-12:30 Session 5 -  First Person Narratives
Journey with a Purpose: Charity Walks on the Camino by Lynn Talbot 
Journey with What Purpose? Changing Narrative Destinations on the Camino by Maryjane Dunn

Managing Student Groups on the Camino Post-Pandemic by Sharenda Barlar, Beatriz Gómez Acuña, and Mick Savage

12:30-12:50 Session 6 - Pedagogy (Panel #2)
Harnessing the Camino for Good: Virtual Pilgrimage as a Teaching and Learning Tool
by Tiffany Gagliardi Trotman 

Seeking Social Justice: the Process of Podcasting Pilgrimage by Brooke Covington
Podcasting and the Pedagogy of Pilgrimage
by Alison T. Smith
A Pilgrimage in Photos: Tracing the Civil War from North to South
by Ayren Martin 

12:50-1:10 Session 7 - Social Issues Pilgrimage 
Creating Pilgrimage Pathways for the United States
by James Mills
"Did I meet my way coming round...or not?": Examining the Nature of Embodied Personhood on the Famine Way to Dublin by E. Moore Quinn
Pilgrimage and the Activation of Sustainable Development Goal #5
by Bernadette Flanagan

1:10-1:30 Session 8 - Technology & Pilgrimage
Barefoot Pilgrims in Cyberspace: Lough Derg from Cave to Island to the Internet by Stephen D. Glazier
Walking the Tokaido: A Multidisciplinary Experience by Anne Prescott
Busing Versus Walking: Pilgrimage in the Holy Land by Kip Redick