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John Elder Robison Past Events Journal


December 3-5, 2023

Willamsburg, VA: Classes an office hours at William & Mary.  

December 4, 2023

 Community Event. For more information see flyer  here.

October 22-24, 2023

 Visiting the William & Mary campus 

April 16-18, 2023

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

March 26-28, 2023

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

February 5-7, 2023

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

April 2020

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

March 2020

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

February 2020

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William & Mary

June 2017 

Washington, DC: William & Mary Neurodiversity class 

April 2017 

Palo Alto, CA: SAP Autism at Work keynote talk, workshop, and discussion

Bethesda, MD: Meeting of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee - public welcome, webcast live, on NIH campus (No charge but plan on 30 minutes to pass through security)

March 2017

Part of a live performance of The Moth at Lincoln Center in NYC, NY.

Difference Makers dinner, BusinessWest in Easthampton, MA

January 2017

Participated in a public forum at the University of California Riverside campus.

Workshop with the Kern Autism Society in Kern County, CA.

Spoke at the MIND Institute at UC Davis in CA.

December 2016

Strategic planning meeting for International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) in Washington, DC.

Private workshop/training for PA department of Rehab Services in Johnstown, PA.

November 2016

Spoke to families at Jericho House in Holyoke, MA.

Class and talk at Bay Path University, East Longmeadow campus, MA. Twice.

Spoke about neurodiversity and employment at the Autism Society South Carolina Conference in Columbia, SC.

October 2016

Spoke about neurodiversity and employment at the Autism Society South Carolina Conference in Columbia, SC.

Part of National Pediatric Developmental Difference Forum in Chicago, IL.

September 2016

Pre-recorded in-studio interview with ABC Radio National All in the Mind presenter Lynne Malcolm in Sydney, Austrailia.

Session at Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, Australia.

Adelaide Writers Week in-conversation with Roy Eccleston in Adelaide, Australia.

The Daily Edition LIVE television interview and  Autism Awareness Seminar in Melbourne, Australia.

ABC News Breakfast interview with Virginia and Michael and Triple R Breakfasters Line in-studio radio interview in Melbourne, Australia.

ABC TV The Drum television interview with host Julia Baird, Build a Better Brain panel with Nicola Gates, John Elder Robison, Dr. Nancy Pachana, and David Astle, and spoke about "Switched On" at the Wirting Festival in Brisbane, Australia.

Spoke at the Burlington Book Festival in Burlington, VT.

July 2016

Spoke at the RROC National Meet in Asheville, NC.

May 2016

Spoke at the IMFAR Autism Science Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Community lunch with Steve Silberman, author of Neurotribes and John Donovan/Caren Zucker, authors of In a Different Key.

April 2016

Delivered two workshops about neurodiversity and TCS high school to career transition program at the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools annual conference in Malborough, MA.

Spoke about "Switched On" in Long Island, NY.

Spoke at the IACC public meeting and NIH autism presentation in Bethesda, MD.

March 2016

Delivered talks at the Southern Maine Autism Conference in Portland, ME as well as Worcester State University in Worcester, MA.

"Switched On", John Robison's newest book, went on sale.

February 2016

Spoke at the National Press Club Newsmaker Panel on the Passionate and Polarized Politics of Autism at the National Press Building in Washinton, DC.

Delivered a talk on autism at the Barbara Olsen Center of Hope in Rockford, IL.

January 2016

Delivered two days of neurodiversity workshops for the Hawaii Department of Education.  The DOE is now looking into grants to send their staff to our neurodiversity summer course, and visiting W&M to learn about building a similar program in Hawaii.

Delivered two talks on autism and neurodiversity at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

December 2015

Represented William & Mary at the Consortium on Autism and Sign Language at the American Academy of Sciences in Cambridge, MA. At that event I was the speaker on the precision hypothesis.

November 2015

Served on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee.  The IACC is the top-level federal autism committee, responsible for making and updating the U.S. government’s strategic plan for autism. We also produce the annual summary of advances in autism research.  My first appointment to this committee was from then-HHS secretary Sebelius in 2011.  Current HHS Secretary Burwell reappointed me to a second term in 2015.

Delivered an all day neurodiversity workshop at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.

Delivered the keynote talk for the Division on Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Children’s national conference in Portland, Oregon.  Described W&M’s work in that area.

October 2015

Spoke on neurodiversity and the W&M program at the North Dakota state autism conference.

Did two days of neurodiversity workshops for Autism Manitoba at their annual conference.

September 2015

Delivered keynote talk for the annual conference of RDI therapists in Atlantic City, NJ.

June 2015

Participated in the development of the strategic plan for INSAR, the International Society for Autism Research; the professional group for autism scientists.  Also serve on the nominating committee for that group and am co-chair of the community committee.

Spoke on neurodiversity at the annual physicians’ meeting for Baystate Health Systems of Massachusetts.

Did two days of professional development on transition and neurodiversity for the Baltimore County public schools.

May 2015

Represented William & Mary at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in Salt Lake City, UT.  Received standing ovation for keynote panel talk, and helped present poster sessions describing W&M autism work.

April 2015

Spoke on neurodiversity at Connecticut College.

Delivered keynote talk on neurodiversity at the AHA autism society annual conference in Long Island, NY.

February 2015

Represented W&M in four days of talks and workshops at the South Asia Autism Conference in New Delhi, India as a guest of India Action for Autism and the Indian Ministry of Social Justice.