John Elder Robison Events

April 2-3 -

Williamsburg, VA: Classes and office hours at William and Mary

April 6 -

Longmeadow, MA: Bay Path University - Class in afternoon, public talk at 6 at main campus, 588 Longmeadow St.

April 12-13 -

Palo Alto, CA: SAP Autism at Work keynote talk, workshop, and discussion

April 17 -

Springfield, MA: Lunch at Baystate Health Systems (staff only)

April 26 -

Bethesda, MD: Meeting of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee - public welcome, webcast live, on NIH campus (No charge but plan on 30 minutes to pass through security)

April 30 -

Springfield, MA: Bentley tech session at Robison Service (RROC event, public may attend)

Mary 10-13 -

San Francisco, CA: IMFAR autism science conference (registration required)

June 10-11 -

Washington, DC: Registration is now open for William and Mary's weekend neurodiversity class (credit or non-credit)

June 18-24 -

French Lick, IN: Bentley and Rolls-Royce Owners Club national meet at French Lick resort

July 29-30 -

Detroit, MI: Concours of America

September 15 - October 1 -

Join us for the 101st Eastern States Exposition - The Big E

October 27 -

Cincinnati, OH: Will be appearing in two programs at the University