Who We Are

We are a collective of diverse faculty and students who have congregated in hopes of exploring the ways our academic lives have been fashioned as a direct product and by-product of colonialism, capitalism and modernity. 

We seek to share our experience and knowledge with one another, arranged around issues of colonialism, race privilege, gendered hierarchies, cis-normativity and capitalism. However, we also seek to validate, elevate and learn from knowledge practices, and creative expressions of communities of color, displaced peoples and marginalized identities. We do this not only to legitimize forms of knowledge and social practices that have been displaced or denigrated by the history of colonialism, racism and capitalism. Rather, we seek to learn from these practices in hopes of recalibrating how the humanities and social sciences work within academic institutions.

We aspire to true transformative collaboration that is not siloed on either side of the walls that separate our university from the community. With this in mind, we recognize the power of lived experience, creative expression, the knowledge and memory of our elders and the ways that they themselves have formed our lives today both inside the Academy and out.

To learn more about the project, contact Stephen Sheehi, Faculty Director.