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Applied Research Center Core Labs

In 2018, the Applied Research Center moved from Newport News to the campus of William & Mary and is currently know as the Applied Research Center (ARC) Core Labs. The labs are located in the Integrated Science Center, Small Hall, and McGlothlin-Street Hall.

Staying Healthy and Informed:

All visitors to the ARC Core Labs , including students, faculty and staff, must follow the COVID-19 safety protocols established by William & Mary.

The latest William & Mary tools and resources related to COVID-19 can be found on the Healthy Together webpage.  This page also includes a link for your Daily Health Check. This virtual tool will help students, faculty and staff monitor their own health while accounting for actions that could contribute to the well-being of others.  

 Please read the following COVID-19 safety article about the ARC Core Labs:

"Fall's new normal in ARC core labs: scheduling, online operation, enhanced social distancing - and PPE" by Joseph McClain