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We Are Inclusive

Not Just Feminists, Not Just Women -- A Year for All

The 100th Anniversary of Women at William & Mary had many features and many audiences. We commemorated the 24 women who enrolled at the university in 1918. We celebrated the achievements of the more than 50,000 women students and alumnae who have followed.

Importantly, we explored the role of women in our university community and in today's world.

The first 24 women students at William & Mary all were white and financially privileged. They all were born in the United States and were presumed to be Christian and cisgender.

Today's womxn students offer much more diversity.

William & Mary today includes people who identify as genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming or non-binary. They reflect all races, a rich mix of birthplaces, ethnic origins and languages. They are neurotypical and neurodiverse. All of them are members of the Tribe!

All – including those who identify as men – were welcome to be part of the 100th Anniversary. We had much to learn from each other!