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Each modality provided by our practitioners creates a safe space that allows you to explore how you are feeling in your body. Whether you are seeking a way to relax, manage pain, or something in-between, we offer a variety of therapeutic styles that can be matched to your needs. Questions are welcomed at [[wellness]].

Massage services email with questions

The use of Acupuncture is a healing modality within the living wisdom traditions of Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture is the use of one or more single use, sterilized, filiform needles or mechanical devices, on or through the skin to prevent or modify the perception of pain or to normalize physiological functions. Points may be needled at depths ranging from superficial to deep, and retained for any length of time, as determined to be necessary for the condition being treated. Acupuncture includes, but is not limited to, both local and distal points, and takes into account the patient’s overall constitution for prevention, maintenance and corrective care from acute to chronic conditions.


The intention in a Reiki session is to create deep relaxation, help quicken healing, and reduce pain. Reiki is a non-touch therapy and ideal for those seeking a non-contact therapeutic experience. 

Yoga Therapy

A Yoga Therapist works with you to address specific goals while considering any constraints you might be experiencing, with consideration of the whole body.

Swedish Massage

 The perfect massage for first-time clients and those who simply want to relax. Techniques are applied with light to medium pressure and are especially useful for managing stress, tension relief, and circulation improvement.

When reserving your session, you book by duration, not session type. We encourage you to discuss your outcome goals with your therapist upon arrival to your session to determine what technique is best for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

A rigorous massage that uses a deeper, heavier pressure. Focus is given to pressure points and muscle adhesions. Attentive kneading assists in relieving muscles of accumulated tension and encourages the release of knots. Useful for clients with consistent pain and those who engage in heavy physical activity.

When reserving your session, you book by duration, not session type. We encourage you to discuss your outcome goals with your therapist upon arrival to your session to determine what technique is best for you.

Hot Stone Massage

 Not currently available.
Smooth, flat, heated rocks are used in conjunction with the hand work of the therapist. The heat of the rocks eases muscles into relaxation and provides feelings that have been described as euphoric. The relaxation provided by the stones also allows the therapist to work more effectively on deeper tissues, if so needed.  Add to any 60 or 90-minute massage for $10. 


 Leave a note to add this service during your online booking process.
The topical application of essential oils can enhance the stress-managing benefits of massage.  Choose from a variety of oils including.  Add to any massage for $5.

Chair Massage

Have our therapists come to you! Great for offices, residence halls, health fairs, or other group functions. Two-week advance notice is required. $65 per hour. Submit your request for chair massage online.

Massage Technique Class

 A Massage Therapist will give your group a private introduction to massage theory & techniques to relieve tension. The demonstrations of massage strokes such as compressing, squeezing and tapping are given. Your group will also have an opportunity to practice techniques on the neck and shoulders. The Massage Therapist can come to you or you can reserve a room in the Wellness Center, based on availability. Email []wellness]] for more information. $50 for a one-hour class.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be purchased online. Select the service you'd like to gift, follow the prompts, and enter "Gift" in the reservation number section. Upon payment, you'll receive a confirmation email with a gift card code that you can provide to the recipient. The recipient uses this code to redeem services when they reserve their appointment online. 

*Each transaction produces one gift card code. If you are purchasing multiple gift cards, it's recommended to buy one at a time to receive a code for each session you'd like to gift. 

If you received a massage gift certificate, reserve your appointment online and enter your gift card code in the additional information section at the bottom of the booking page. 

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