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Wellness & Rec Centers

State-of-the-art facilities with a focus on wellness

  • Outside shot of the Wellness Center.
    McLeod Tyler Wellness Center  The MTWC brings together William & Mary’s Office of Health Promotion, Counseling Center, Health Center and Campus Recreation’s wellness programing under one roof along with the new Center for Mindfulness and Authentic Excellence.  
  • Exterior shot of the Student Recreation Center at night
    Student Recreation Center  Located on the corner of Compton and Brooks Streets, the Student Recreation Center is home to Campus Recreation, and provides recreational opportunities to all members of the W&M Community.  
  • A student meditates in the meditation alcove.
    Meditation Alcoves  Designed to be comfortable for students anywhere on the neurodiversity spectrum, the spaces may be used without reservations during the building’s regular business hours.  
  • Two students climb the rock wall at the student recreation center
    Climbing wall  The Student Recreation Center features a rock climbing wall for students looking to have some fun or improve their climbing skills.  
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McLeod Tyler Wellness Center

The McLeod Tyler Wellness Center is the home of William & Mary's Office of Health Promotion, Counseling Center, Health Center, Campus Recreation's wellness programming and the Center for Mindfulness and Authentic Excellence. MTWC is located behind Zable Stadium near the Smith-McGlothlin Grandstand. From the Sadler Center, follow the pathway to the left of the main entrance. 

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Wellness Center Amenities
Social Wellness Patio

The Social Wellness Patio is a casual outdoor space available for you to enjoy an afternoon lounge or study session. Events may be hosted here by submitting a reservation request.

Meditation Alcoves

Meditation alcoves are sensory sensitive spaces available for meditative practice and prayer. Reservations are recommended. The alcoves are accessible during normal operating hours. 

Compassion Garden

W&M is a proud signatory of the Charter for Compassionate Schools. With this, we recognize that we are best able to express compassion to others when we express that same compassion to ourselves.  The Wellness Center Compassion Garden is located in the green space to the right of the main entrance. 

Zen Garden

A Zen Garden is a natural canvas to instill calm, contemplation, and creativity. The Japanese term for a Zen garden that uses large rocks and gravel is known as "karesunsul," which means "dry landscape." The rocks symbolize islands and mountains, and the raking of the gravel suggests flowing water. 
Raking the gravel and controlling the vegetation that may grow through the gravel is a form of meditative practice. Simply walking along the gravel and noticing the different texture of the grounds as you walk can be meditative.  
As you walk, rake, and tend the garden, be mindful of how the environment is interacting with your senses. How do the wind and sun feel on your skin? What sounds are present? What aromas do you notice? What movement does the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit create with the rake and stones? The Wellness Center Zen Garden is located in the rear grounds off the building, take the rear stairs of the social wellness patio and follow the path to the garden on your right. 

Meditation Labyrinth

A meditation labyrinth is a patterned path used as a walking meditation. It combines the imagery of the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. As you walk into the labyrinth, let go of the mind chatter and open your heart to feel whatever it might feel. The Wellness Center Meditation Labyrinth is located off the rear stairs of the social wellness patio. 

Reserve Space in the Wellness Center

Our multi-purpose studios, patio, and conference room are available for reservation. Priority is granted to organizations that are contributing to or are pursuing the betterment of the health and wellbeing of our community.

Our Lactation Room is located on the 2nd floor. Meditation Alcoves are located on the 1st floor. Reservations are recommended, drop-ins will be accommodated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Request a Special Event or Group Use 

Request a Lactation room or Meditation Alcove

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Bee McLeod Recreation Center

The Department of Campus Recreation provides quality recreational opportunities to all members of the William & Mary Community to enhance and foster a lifelong appreciation for health, wellness and recreation. The Bee McLeod Recreation Center is located on the corner of Compton and Brooks Street. 

Campus Rec Amenities

The Natatorium is located on the lower level of the Bee McLeod Recreation Center is home to a 25-yard, 8-lane pool. Family Recreation is available at designated times. Check our building hours for the current pool schedule. 

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is located on the mid-level of the Student Recreation Center. Belay Clinics are offered throughout the semester and Family Recreation is available at designated times. Check our building hours for the current Climbing Wall schedule. 

Racquetball & Squash Courts

Raquetball & Squash Courts are located on the mid level of the Bee McLeod Recreation Center. Equipment is available for checkout at the front desk. Reservations are recommended but not required, courts are generally accessible during normal operating hours. 


The Sauna is located on the low level of the Bee McLeod Recreation Center and is accessible through the locker room entry to the pool. The Sauna is accessible during normal operating hours

Reserve Space

A variety of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as 5K and 10K courses are available for reservation requests. Request space.

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W&M Wellness App

Find opportunities and information provided by Campus Recreation, the Counseling Center, Health Promotion and the Health Center. Register for fitness and wellness classes, health coaching, mindfulness, outdoor trips, sport clubs and intramurals.