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Employee Classifications

What is my employee classification?

Within the university, we have the following major employee classifications.

Full-Time University HR System Employees
Executive Staff 

Members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and President’s Cabinet with responsibility for the leadership and strategic management of the university.  

Instructional Faculty 

These are positions that instruct our students and may conduct research. Full time faculty have the option to participate in either the VRS or ORP retirement plan. Depending on their retirement plan selection, they can participate in either VSDP or the W&M Sickness & Disability Plan.

Professional Faculty

Professional Faculty at William & Mary consists of staff positions whose primary role is directly involved in research, knowledge creation, or academic and scholarly activities in support of our academic mission. Commonly referred to as PPF, these positions are exempt.

Professional Staff

Professional staff positions follow the definitions and guidelines published by SCHEV and are consistent with the FLSA and typically require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a strong preference for an advanced degree (Master’s).  Positions in the professional category require a thorough understanding of principles, theories and concepts within a field, discipline, or profession and the work produced is intellectual and varied in character and is not standardized.

Operational Staff

Operational staff hold positions that perform office, laboratory, administrative, student and library support, building construction and maintenance, equipment services, public safety, and other support roles.  Examples include assistants, analysts, coordinators, generalists, and specialists.  Operational staff positions are either exempt or non-exempt depending upon the actual duties as defined by the FLSA. 

Part-Time University HR System Employees
Hourly Staff

These positions are non-exempt, tend to be on-going, and are limited to a maximum of 1,500 hours per year.

Salaried-Hourly Professionals

These are salaried exempt, non-benefit eligible positions. As hourly-based professionals, they are limited to a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. 

Temporary Hourly Staff

These positions are non-exempt, non-benefit eligible, limited to one year and limited to a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. 

State HR System Employees
Classified Staff
Mirrors operational staff positions in relation to duties and responsibilities, however, the personnel policies governing their terms and conditions of employment are defined by DHRM. A mix of exempt and non-exempt, classified employees belong in the Commonwealth's HR system and participate in the VRS retirement plan and Virginia Sickness & Disability Plan (VSDP). They have the option to join the university system at any time.
Position Numbers

For most employees, your classification can be determined by the first digits of your position number. You can find your position number on the Financial Operations website tool under Timesheet Approver/Employee Job Status Search.

Position Number Table
If your position begins with...    You are considered... Hourly or Salaried
0 Classified or Operational Salaried
B VIMS Graduate Assistantship Salaried
F0 Instructional Faculty Salaried
FP Professional/Professional Faculty Salaried

Administrative Faculty


FX Executive Salaried
GA Graduate Assistant Salaried
GN Faculty Summer Research Salaried
H Hourly Hourly
PP Part-Time Professional Salaried
P0 and P1 Adjunct Faculty Salaried
S0 Faculty Summer Session Salaried
ST Student Hourly Hourly
T Temporary Hourly Hourly
W VIMS Workships Hourly