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Transitioning From Classified

The Virginia Higher Education Restructuring Act in 2009 provided William & Mary and VIMS more control over various operations, including human resources systems. Employees had the option to remain under the state's HR system as a classified employee or transition to the university's HR system as an operational or professional employee (based on position classification). 

W&M/VIMS currently offers on-going open enrollment. Classified employees can convert to the university system during any payroll period.

How to Transition from Classified to University System

To enroll into the university system, classified employees should complete the University Human Resources System Enrollment Form (pdf). Employees must enroll in the university system by May 9th of each year to be eligible to receive a university merit based salary increase for that year.

If you move to the university system, this decision is irrevocable, you cannot return to a classified employee as long as you remain an employee of the university.