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Workers' Compensation

Eligible Employees

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All employees at William & Mary and VIMS are eligible to receive benefits under the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act for an injury and/or illness which is incurred in the course of official work-related duties. This includes faculty, full-time staff, part-time staff, student workers, and hourly employees. 

If there is a workplace accident, report the following within 24 hours:

  1. Ensure employee has emergency medical treatment if necessary. 
  2. Investigate all workplace accidents working with Environmental, Health & Safety. Take witness statements with contact numbers and document facts. Take pictures of the scene where the injury occurred on the same day. The Accident Investigation Job Aid Form is found on the Environmental, Health & Safety webpage. Be specific as to what happened. Note if there are any defects with the area of injury.
  3. Send UHR the following completed forms and other sensitive data securely via Box.
  4. Respond to requests from MCI.
  5. The department and Environmental Health & Safety will create any work orders for repairs required if there are any an unsafe/defective areas.
  6. Assist in accommodating restrictions whenever possible. At 90 days post-incident, if not released to full duty, contact UHR.
  7. Do NOT allow employees to work without a release return to work (RTW) that has been turned into UHR.
  1. Report ALL accidents, no matter how small, to your supervisor immediately providing specific details regarding your injury. Details should include the body part injured and the exact location where the injury occurred.
  2. Select a physician, even if not seeking treatment. Sign the Physician Panel and, if treatment is necessary, visit the panel physician first or ER in an emergency. Ensure doctor appointments are scheduled before/after work hours. Once a physician is selected, the physician cannot change unless you are referred to a specialist. Use leave until claim is approved.
  3. Contact the Reed Group if you have VSDP Disability Benefits (877-928-7021) and have lost time.
  4. Turn ALL notes from the physician into UHR (including Restrictions & Released to Return to Work).
  5. Participate in accident investigations.
  6. Respond to ALL questions, phone calls, and letters sent by the workers' comp administrator or the Reed Group regarding your claim. If you need assistance, contact UHR for an appointment to assist you.
  7. [[AskHR,Contact UHR]] and pay for healthcare premium or request to waive healthcare if you will go on leave without pay for an entire pay period while waiting for claims to be approved if you have no leave.