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Updating Sites in the COVID-19 Era

Dear Cascaders,

We've been thinking about you. The past eight weeks have been incredibly fast paced, especially for those also involved in communications. We have all been busily updating the way we work, the services and support we provide, and the content we offer on our websites. As this work continues and conditions evolve, we want to provide you with a few helpful reminders, best practices, and tips for using available Cascade features.

Double check your Contact Us and Visit Us pages
  • Does your site correctly reflect the available options when discussing how to contact or visit you?
  • We want to communicate an open and active workforce, but not encourage visits to an empty office or calls to phone numbers that aren't being forwarded or monitored.
Pivot content to highlight what we're still offering, not just what we've canceled or diminished
  • As we move beyond initial crisis communications, we want to communicate positively about our offerings.
  • If you have pivoted your services or core functions to online or virtual options, or are offering new services, be sure to include this info.
Use pre-built assets to provide access to COVID-19 info and resources
  • For and school sites: A centrally stored COVID-19 widget is available for you to place on appropriate pages. Check the main _widgets folder or ask your Cascade manager for guidance. (July 2022 update: these pre-built assets are no longer in use.)
  • For sites: The top of each page now includes a prominent link to the COVID-19 resource hub. (July 2022 update: this global feature is no longer in use.)
  • For sites: W&M IT offers a "Connect Remotely" widget located in their /offices/it/_widgets/ folder.
Learn about assets available for highlighting info

As always, we’re here to help. Email your Cascade manager or [[creative]] with any questions.