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Directories 101

An example of a Directory Listing Folder. Note the index and directory pages are stored in the same folder. Select the image to enlarge.

Does your office or department site include a Cascade directory? A new academic year is approaching and that could mean updates are needed. Follow these tips and reminders while updating your directories:

  • Directory Pages are built within a Directory Listing Folder and are automatically listed on the index page — we call this a listing page. 
  • By default, Directory Pages are listed on the index page in alphabetical order, by last name. Note: Some Directory Listings are manually ordered and you adjust the listing order by updating the Folder Order. This feature can be turned on by request to your Cascade Manager.
  • You can include a Directory Page from another department or office by "borrowing" it into your Directory Listing Folder. Learn more about Borrowed Directory Pages.
  • For best results, follow the recommended dimensions for Directory Photos. Remember, you can use the Cascade Image Cropper to prepare your images.
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