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Consolidating Content using Collapsible Lists

Do you need to present lists or sections of content on a single page that just keeps getting longer and longer? If you are looking to offer a more consolidated view of your content, the new collapsible list feature may be the right fit.

Check it out.

How to create a collapsible list:

  • Create a one-column table with a row for each section of content to be collapsed.
  • Apply the “collapsible” style to the table (select the table, select collapsible from the Styles dropdown).
  • In each cell, start with either a Heading 5 or Heading 6 to serve as the clickable area to open/close your content.
  • Below the heading, enter the content to be collapsed in the same table cell. Repeat for each section of content, placing each section in its own table cell.
  • Save your page and preview it in Cascade to ensure all the sections behave as expected, then publish.

View the help page for more details.