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Statistics Row

The statistics row boldly displays facts, rankings, percentages, dollar values and more.

Rows are available to specified users that have received the required training, consultation and approval of their Cascade Manager.
Suggested Uses
  • Highlight key facts, rankings and figures
  • Promotion of department/office accolades
Create a New Row
  • Select your rows storage folder — this is likely labeled _rows or similar. If you don't have one yet, build one now.
  • From the top menu, select Add Content > Rows > Statistics.
Available Fields & Options
  • Page Name: Required field; this is your row's file name in Cascade; customize the default name of row-statistics.
  • Title: Required field; used as a section header for screen readers and should be meaningful.
  • Show Title?
    • If unchecked: The title is used by screen readers, but not visually displayed.
    • If checked: The title is prominently displayed at the top of the row.
  • Row Theme: select one of the available colors as the row's default theme. Elements within the row will be color-coordinated and optimized for design and accessibility. When placing the row on a page, the theme should be selected for that page.
  • Stat Color: Choose Gold or Green. 
  • Intro Text: Option to add simple text below the title and above the stat cards. Text appears center justified and can include links, bold and italics.
  • Statistic card settings
    • This row offers a maximum of eight cards. Use the green + to add a card. Use the up/down arrows or drag and drop to reorder them. 
    • Stat Title: Required; displays below the statistic value; should be brief.
    • Prepend: Select available options from the dropdown; appears before the statistic value. 
    • Statistic Value: Required; maximum 7 characters, including punctuation. 
    • Append: Select available options from the dropdown. Appears after the statistic value.
    • Publication: Available if citing a source.
    • Caption: Displays below the title and (optional) publication. Caption text can provide context for your stat, but should not be an extension of the title. Keep it brief.
    • Internal Link: Use to link the card to an available Cascade asset.
    • External Link: Use to link the card to an asset not available within Cascade.
    • Anchor: Use to specify an anchor for your internal or external link — no # symbol required. To link to an anchor located on the same page as the row, do not specify an internal or external link destination. New to anchors? Learn how to first create an anchor on your pages or rows.
Tip: To improve the experience for your visitors, always link all or none of the statistic cards in your row. 
Updating Row Content
  • To update the content of a row, edit and publish the row file. 
  • You do not need to publish the pages displaying the row.
  • If a row is unpublished or deleted, it will no longer appear on any live pages.

Tip: If you move or rename a row file, you will then need to publish any pages displaying the row. Not sure which pages are using the row? Check for relationships to the row.

Example Statistics Rows

Below, we offer sample rows to demonstrate a selection of suggested uses and best practices.

Stats Row Card Setting Samples

This statistics row example displays some of the many customization options for each card.

Note: To improve the experience for your visitors, always link all or none of the icon cards in your row. 

  • # 1

    Example 1

    An animation when you hover with a mouse indicates this card is linked.

  • $ 2 thousand

    Example 2

    "Million" and "billion" are also available.

  • Top 3 %

    Example 3

    Captions have a recommended length of 50-250 characters.

  • 4

    Example 4

    A down arrow is also available.

  • 1 st

    Example 5

    "-nd," "-rd" and "-th" are also available append options.

  • 200 lb

    Example 6

    Other units of measurement are available.

  • 100 days

    Example 7

    Day, Week(s), Year(s) are also available.

  • 1

    Example 8

    W&M News

    This example displays a publication citation.

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