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W&M Green Fee Fund

No ideas are too great or small.

Since its establishment in 2008, the W&M Green Fee program has funded more than $1.6 million worth of sustainability-related projects. The Green Fee was approved by a near-unanimous vote by students of the university in 2008 and is paid on a per-semester basis by all students paying tuition. The Green Fee advances the tripartite goals of teaching, research and public service.

Any individual (whether faculty, staff, or student) or group (for example, student organization, school, academic program, or administrative or auxiliary unit) within the W&M community may submit a proposal for Green Fee project funding. All student-led projects are required to maintain an advisor for the duration of the project. Green Fee proposals this year are available for $100 to $100,000 per grant award.

The Committee on Sustainability (COS) accepts Green Fee proposals every semester. Projects awarded grants by the COS range greatly in size and subject, featuring research, community events and outreach, resource saving initiatives, wellness programs and much more. To learn more about how to apply, watch the info session.

The Committee on Sustainability will be accepting proposals until March 5th, 2024. Decisions on proposals will be made by April 30th, 2024. 

Green Fee Writing Webinar

{{youtube:small|zwv0k4BDP3w, Webinar about how to write a Green Fee proposal}}

Considerations When Writing a Proposal

Projects and initiatives often impact many stakeholders across the campus. Please refer to the following list to help determine who you may need to reach out to for consultation. If you have contacted stakeholders prior to the submission of a proposal, include their input or note their response in the proposal. Submitted proposals that lack appropriate approval and/or consultation risk being deferred.

Procurement Kathy Mabe, Senior Sourcing Specialist of Procurement Operations [[klmabe]] purchasing of ANY kind, contracting of ANY kind, quotes, vendors
Facilities Brian Crystal, Director of Operations [[bjcrystal]] general facilities, maintenance, operations, grounds 
Utilities Associate Director of Utilities (in transition) energy and water
Waste & Recycling Bob Morman, Director of Building Services [[jdmcfa]] waste and recycling for the majority of campus (excluding some areas like Athletics and Dining)
Composting & Dining Isabella Chalfant,  Dining Sustainability Manager


dining, composting, hydroponics
Constructing Tim Russell, Space Data Manager [[tmruss]] building of any items or structures by hand
Community Office of Community Engagement [[oce]] community outreach and partnerships

Fanchon Glover, Chief Diversity Officer (faculty/staff)

Center for Student Diversity (students)



inclusion and culture
Health & Wellness Health & Wellness [[wellness]] well-being, recreation, counseling
Student Assembly Tori Carr, Sustainability Secretary  [[vtcarr]] Potential co-funding
Faculty Support / Advisors Environmental Science & Policy Program ENSP Director / Chair composed of multi-disciplinary faculty the ENSP director can help identify potential faculty of interest

For general advice, history of sustainability initiatives on campus or outreach to see if others are working on similar projects, please contact


Green Fee projects sometimes require the short-term use of tools. In place of purchasing tools for a project, please explore alternatives such as collaboration with Facilities Management or borrowing of tools from the Campus Garden, managed by Sustainability. Students using tools that their advisor may not be comfortable supervising should reach out to Tim Russell (contact information under Stakeholders above) for input and potential additional supervision.

Example Green Fee Proposal Outline

This proposal outline is encouraged, but not required. Green Fee projects vary so greatly that some may require additional components while others will need to exclude sections. Please adapt this to your needs to create the most comprehensive proposal possible.

Recognition of Funding Source

All projects receiving funding should clearly identify the Green Fee as a source of support.  Due to the variety of projects covered through the Green Fee, this identification may take different forms. If unsure of the best way to recognize the funding source on a project please consult the Director of Sustainability. Recognition of funding should be taken into consideration in the budget. 

Download the coversheet

Submit Your Completed Green Fee Proposal (as a single pdf)

All questions regarding Green Fee should be sent to [[sustain]].