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Vendor Payment Methods

W&M/VIMS Bank Checks

Payments to vendors via paper check are normally mailed to the vendor’s remit to address as indicated on the vendor invoice. Requests for checks to be held for pickup must be requested by using the Special Handling Request section of the buyW&M invoice or Payment Request Form. Any request to have a check reissued must be requested through the Disbursements office using the Stop Payment Request Form (this process can only be completed by the department not the vendor). All checks printed by the W&M Disbursements office will have a check number starting with a W for W&M and a V for VIMS. 

Bank Wire Transfers

A wire transfer of funds will only be utilized in payment of an obligation of William & Mary and/or VIMS when the situation requires immediate good funds to settle a transaction or it is the most inexpensive mechanism that can be utilized.  The university Comptroller shall reserve the right to approve all wire transfer requests. Bank wires are used primarily for the direct transfer of currency to the vendor’s bank (usually foreign.) For international payments, a currency converter should be used to convert funds. The exchange rate will be based on the date the wire is processed by the Disbursements office. Wire or foreign draft disbursements will be processed using the buyW&M PO invoice or payment request form and wire disbursement process. Departments requesting wire disbursements will be charged a $40 transaction fee.

To complete the wire process:

  1. All vendor payments to be paid by a wire transfer are subject to the 30 days prompt pay rules unless there is appropriate justification, a contract or a financial incentive.
  2. The department will request a wire request using the buyW&M PO invoice or payment request form process, will attach all necessary supporting documentation (wires are not PO exempt) and ensure the vendor has been fully setup in buyW&M  (the wire payment will be recorded in buyW&M). 
  3. The Department will fill out the Wire Transfer Request Form providing all the pertinent banking information for the vendor. Proof of the banking information should also be attached for verification.
  4. A JV for the $40 processing fee will auto-populate into Banner with the coding associated with the invoice payment. If multiple indexes exist, the first index will be used. 

Foreign Draft

Foreign drafts are written orders (similar to a check) by which one party (the University) instructs another party (University's bank) to pay a specified sum to a third party payee (vendor) in a foreign currency. A foreign draft should only be requested if a wire transfer is not possible. To request a foreign draft check, please refer to the buyW&M PO invoice and payment request user guides.

Direct Deposits

For Staff, Faculty, and Students who are also employees of the university, payments will be processed using Direct Deposit.  The funds will be deposited directly into the employee’s primary payroll direct deposit accounts.

For Staff, Faculty and Students checks without direct deposit accounts and for Students who are not also employees; checks will no longer be sent to campus addresses or temporary addresses.  All checks will be mailed to the home address on record.

To verify if a Staff, Faculty or Student has a direct deposit setup please use the Financial Operations Search Tool. Under Vendor Search there is an “Enrolled in Direct Deposit” indicator.

W&M/VIMS Payment Processor - Paymerang

All W&M and VIMS vendor payments with the exception of student/employee payments, foreign vendor payments, special handling payment requests, and wires/foreign drafts will be paid by our payment processor, Paymerang.  

Paymerang has an extensive supplier network with over 600,000 suppliers nationwide who receive payments through their network. If the vendor is already enrolled in the Paymerang network, they will receive payments automatically and no further action is needed. If they are new to the network, they will have the opportunity to select from a variety of payment methods that best meet the needs of their organization. Paymerang offers e-payables payment options such as credit card or ACH as well as check payments.  

All payments processed by Paymerang will have a check number (internal payment ID) starting with a C for W&M and an S for VIMS. If the vendor has an issue regarding a Paymerang payment or wishes to enroll in electronic payments, they can contact the Paymerang Support Team at or by calling 877-680-7332. Please supply the vendor with the W&M/VIMS check number (also known as the internal payment ID in the Paymerang system) prior to referring the vendor to the Paymerang Support Team. The vendor can only enroll in electronic payment after the first check payment has been cashed. For additional assistance regarding a Paymerang payment issue contact [[disbursements]]

Small Purchase Credit Cards (SPCC)

The SPCC program is designed to streamline the procurement and payment of small dollar goods and services.  The SPCC should be used for all allowable business transactions under $5,000 where a credit card is accepted.  If a vendor does not accept credit cards or charges a fee to process credit card transactions; the vendor may receive a bank check.  It is the responsibility of the department on campus to provide the Accounts Payable office with this information. The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Program is managed by the Procurement office. Please refer to the Procurement website for the rules and regulations regarding the SPCC program.