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Budget Signature Authority Process

 Signature Cards

 The Signature Authority Process defines the specific individuals within the university staff who have been authorized to sign documents, granting them the ability to allocate organizational funds. This authorization empowers these individuals to endorse transactions and allocate funds on behalf of the institution.

The university uses a web-based repository- - to manage updates and changes to the approval table.  The signature authority is given at the unit’s Banner org and related indexes level, ensuring clarity and accountability within the university's financial operations.

To request changes or updates to approvers, please send an email directly to Data Control at Ensure that the email includes the following information: Org, Indexes, approvers 93#s, and the necessary system approval requirements.

Signature on Documents Reflecting Financial Commitments Internal to the University

Where internal goods or services are being obtained using department funds, individuals identified as Budget Approvers in finops are permitted to sign related internal documents* on behalf of their designated academic and administrative units. Budgetary limits for signing related internal documents follow the pre-existing JV thresholds for the department. The internal purchases must be reasonable/necessary and support the mission of the university.

* Documents reflecting internal financial commitments may address the following types of transactions:

  • W&M Conference Services
  • W&M Parking Services
  • W&M Facilities License Use
  • Department sponsorships of internal events

The documents may be designated as agreements, licenses, or MOUs even though all parties to the transaction are units of the university.

Questions for internal contractual terms should be directed to