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Pursue Perspective

 Pursue Perspective encourages William & Mary students to seek new ways of considering their engagement, both about and across socio-cultural differences. Research shows us that socio-cultural conversations are the single strongest predictor of socially responsible leadership capacity, but that’s not always an easy task done alone!

The Office of Student Leadership Development hopes to not only promote strategies for having effective conversations about and across socio-cultural differences but also to help promote opportunities all around our campus and community through which students can engage meaningfully with opportunities to pursue a new way of thinking.  In short, our goal is to share and promote high-quality socio-cultural events and resources, through which students can begin to understand the importance of pursuing new perspectives in developing socially responsible leadership.

Here are some suggestions of ways students can begin to explore perspectives and experiences different than their own. By no means is this an exhaustive list of resources out there that can you find and read/watch in order to learn more about socio-cultural differences and to explore perspectives/experiences different than your own.  There are many more out there, and we hope that this helps you begin to identify resources that might be interesting to your own "Pursue Perspective" journey. 

During the 2023 iteration of Pursue Perspective, SLD is encouraging students to attend events centered around different cultures and ideas that they may not have been exposed to. Students who engage with this initiative will have the chance to complete a "passport" and win a gift from SLD. More information is available on the passport webpage.

Passport Information

Within the board initiative of Pursue Perspective, there is a need to focus on Anti-Racism work.  To that end, we have developed a list of resources for that purpose.

Anti-Racism Resources

Pursue Perspective Resources
Suggested Resources to Pursue Perspective
  • The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides by Arnold Kling
  • Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunities for Women World Wide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
Movies and Documentaries
YouTube Videos/Channels
  • Jubilee Project - this YouTube channel features several series through which people share their perspectives on a wide range of issues and topics.
    • Recipe for Change - over dinner celebrities, chefs, activists, and allies hold meaningful conversations about identity, culture, challenges faced by marginalized communities, and how to create change.
    • Spectrum - these videos explore the variety of beliefs within an individualized group to break down stereotypes and showcase complexities
    • Middle Ground - these videos explore whether two different groups of people, opposed in their beliefs, can come together empathetically and find middle ground
  • Humanize Diversity and Inclusion
  • On Diversity: Access Ain't Inclusion
  • The Lineup and other series on Cut
Blogs and Articles
Other Resources/Experiences
  • Understanding Experiences of Poverty
  • What I Hear When You Say - a video series by PBS "that explores how words can both unite and divide us depending on our own perspective, experience, and interpretations.  Each episode covers a different phrase or term that challenges what we think we know about race, class, gender, and identity.  While these topics may be difficult to discuss, starting with a shared understanding will help us connect with one another.
  • Daily Work of Justice
Reflection Questions

If you have any recommendations for other resources, please send them to [[leadership, Student Leadership Development]] with a brief summary and description of how it helps individuals "Pursue Perspective."


Interested in a Pursue Perspective sticker? [[leadership, Email SLD]] to request!

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