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Conference Funding

Changes to Conference Funding (effective August 30, 2023)

As part of the overall Student Assembly Financial Reform process, the Conference Fund has been reconfigured and will be administered in a different manner effective August 2023 (the start of the Fall 2023 semester).

Starting with the 2023-2024 academic year, funding opportunities through the Student Assembly Organization Budget Allocation Process will include conference attendance for recognized student organizations (RSOs).  Conferences attended by RSO representatives should align with the mission/purpose of the organization and enhance the operations/activities of the RSOs.  

Organizations interested in receiving funding to attend conferences must submit Organization Budget Allocation requests by the designated funding quarter deadline.  This means that Organization Budget Allocation requests must be submitted prior to the quarter in which the registration deadline falls, NOT the quarter in which the conference takes place. For example: If the conference is in Q3 (January - March), and the registration deadline falls in Quarter 2 (October - December), the request must be submitted by the Q2 request deadline (which will be in September).  Organizations must attend an information session to learn about the Organization Budget Allocation Process in order to be eligible to request any organization funding, including funding for conferences.

Questions about organization funding can be sent to

Conference Funding for Graduate Students

Graduate Students seeking financial assistance to attend conferences should reach out to their respective graduate program where they are enrolled.  Each graduate school/program and its student governance body has funding available to support student experiences, which may include conference assistance.