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Forms and Links

This page includes information and links to forms frequently utilized by student leaders related to finances.  Before accessing and completing the forms, please review the instructions to ensure timely processing. 

Receiving Payments from W&M?

Student organizations looking to receive funds/payment from William & Mary, and sometimes other parties, may need to provide documentation.  Organizations seeking to open a bank account may also use this information.  These may include providing an "EIN" or a "Banner number,"  organization leaders can find more information about what these are and how to get them here. 

Links to forms and additional information
EIN Application
  • An EIN is a tax identification number for an organization, issued by the IRS
  • Student Organizations can apply for an EIN through the IRS
  • Having an EIN does NOT grant your organization "Tax-Exempt" status on purchases
  • Keep the document you receive from the IRS in a safe place to pass down year to year during leadership transition.   Hint: save a copy as a PDF in your organization's TribeLink documents (with appropriate privacy settings, of course).
Substitute W-9 Form
  • Organizations must submit a Substitute W-9 with the university in order to receive payments from W&M.  This form will generate a Banner number for the organization.
  • Email [[ctspady,Chelsea Spady]], Financial Operations Specialist to request a DocuSign Substitute W9 form. In the request please include the reason your organization will be receiving payment from the university. 
  • When filling out the DocuSign Substitute W-9, make sure the EIN and name of the organization are exactly as they appear on the documentation from the IRS.
Direct Deposit Agreement
  • In order to receive payment from the university, and organizations should set up Direct Deposit with W&M.
  • Information you will need prior to completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form
    • Banner number for the organization (see Substitute W-9 for additional information)
    • Banking institution, routing, and account information
  • Submit the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form to the office that will be paying the organization or is requesting that you fill out the form.
Contracts for Performers/Services

On occasion, a student organization may host an event where they hire performers or need to contract other services.  Here are some things to keep in mind when navigating the contracting process as a student organization:

  • These conditions only apply if university funds have been approved and are being used to pay the performer/service provider
  • Students may not sign contracts on behalf of the university, only designated signers may sign contracts on behalf of the university
    • Students should work with the appropriate office who is supporting them financially
  • The contract must be completed PRIOR to the event
    • The entire contracting process, including payment, can take at least 30 days; please plan accordingly
  • The Speaker/ Presenter/ Performing Artist/ Contractor Agreement is the preferred document
    • If the performer/service provider insists on using a contract other than this document, it must be reviewed by William & Mary prior to being signed and will require additional time.
  • If your student organization has any questions about contracting with performers/service providers, contact Student Leadership Development at leadership@wm.edu