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Charge to the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects


The Committee is charged with insuring (a) that all research on human subjects conducted by the students faculty, and/or staff of the university consistently meets the highest ethical standards, and (b) that such research is conducted in full compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

In order to meet this charge, the Committee shall (a) prepare suitable documents to inform the university community of the need for research approval and of the proper procedure for securing such approval; (b) conduct prior review, as specified in appropriate regulations, of proposed research; (c) require periodic updating on the progress of long-term research; (d) have the responsibility to halt unapproved or noncompliant research and (e) if appropriate, report all violations of guidelines and regulations to the appropriate department Chairperson, Dean, Provost or OHRP.

To promote efficient and timely action by the University Committee, it is expected that those Schools or Departments engaging in significant amounts of human research will establish or maintain their own committees on human research. Such committees shall provide a preliminary review of proposals prior to forwarding them to the University Committee. The University Committee shall have the authority to delegate to the departmental or school committees the authority to grant final approval to demonstrations and research conducted as part of course work as long as the projects clearly meet the Federal definition of minimal risk. All undergraduate honors thesis and graduate thesis research, as well as faculty and staff research on human subjects, regardless of funding source, must however be approved by the University Committee.

The Committee is further charged with providing the Provost, in May of each year, with a report of its activities and recommendations for Committee membership for the following year. The term of membership shall be from July 1 to June 30; the Committee shall operate year-round. With the approval of the Associate Provost for Research, the Committee Chair may appoint temporary replacement Committee members during those times when the university is not in regular session.