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4-VA is a consortium of eight Virginia higher education institutions with the goals of promoting four initiatives with collaboration across participating universities:   Collaborative Research; Course Redesign; Course Sharing; Degree Completion. 

The 4-VA consortium offers research grant competitions to its founding schools (GMU, JMU, UVa, VT). Founding schools are not permitted to transfer grant funds to other 4-VA members (ODU, VCU, VMI & W&M). Faculty from W&M and other non-founding members can participate without charge to the consortium. Satellite members may also contribute capital in the form of “complementary funding”, which will appear as committed cost share from those institutions. Such participation, though at no added cost to the consortium, represents an obligation of resources for the participating institution and reduces the remaining time proposing faculty will have for use on other proposals. So, all 4-VA proposals, even those at “no cost” must be submitted through regular channels in OSP (Proposal Routing & Review Form). Per W&M Policy, no proposal with a commitment for match will be submitted without approval by the appropriate Department Chair/Unit Head and Office of the Vice Provost for Research. (see Proposal Development > Tools & References > Cost Share/Matching Tutorial)

If additional resources, such as complementary funding are required for a proposal, faculty should work with their home units (Departments, Programs, and Schools)  to assure that these matching resources will be available prior to submission. 

For more information on 4-VA, please review the 4-VA website available at