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Reves Announces 2016 Faculty Fellows

The Reves Center for International Studies’ Faculty Fellows program funds a number of faculty proposals each year that involve either student-faculty collaborations on international research, or research, teaching and learning through international service-learning courses, community-based research, and civic engagement.

The Reves Center’s 2016 Faculty Fellows are Jonathan Glasser, Neil Norman, Steven Kuehl and John Swaddle.

Jonathan Glasser, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“North African Andalusi Musical Exchanges”

This project will feature a two-week, on-campus residency in Williamsburg by a group of Moroccan performers of traditional North African music from the eastern Moroccan city of Oujda. The performers will work closely with members of the William & Mary Middle Eastern Music Ensemble in preparing two concerts. The Moroccan performers will also meet with undergraduates in a variety of courses, including “Worlds of Music,” “Where is the Middle East,” and “Anthropology of Islam,” with the aim of preparing student listeners for the concert experience. This project builds on a collaboration begun in 2004 in Oujda.

Neil Norman, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
“Later Zanzibar Archaeological Project”

This project addresses two watersheds in the human condition: 1) human ancestors’ first use of stone tools and 2) the impact of “Atlantic World” trade on East African cities. A one-month long excavation season on Zanzibar will include W&M graduate students and focus on 16th century Portuguese deposits. These sites contained tobacco remains and represent early Portuguese colonial efforts, so are ideally situated for comparisons with similar British efforts at Jamestown, North Carolina, and the Caribbean. The organizing questions relate to 1) how widespread was tobacco cultivation across the island 2) how the organization of Portuguese fortified tobacco fields might relate to English ones and 3) how did local Swahili people relate socially, politically, and economically to Portuguese colonists/farmers.

Professor Steven A. Kuehl, Professor of Marine Science, VIMS
“International  Exchange  Program  and Undergraduate  Research  in Marine  Science and  Geology in Collaboration  with Xiamen University,  China”

W&M undergraduate students will pursue research projects related to the impact of human modifi cations to Asian rivers on the coastal environment (“Source-to-Sink” research). Students ill travel to China for a 1-month field research experience as part of the course Coastal Environments of China (MSCI 335), which has also been approved for the Coll 300 curriculum. The long-term goals are to establish a robust educational and research partnership between W&M and Xiamen.

John Swaddle, Professor of Biology
"International Collaborative Ecological Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Australia"

W&M will be part of a consortium of researchers from Tulane University, Cornell University and Gri th University (in Australia), with funding from the International Research Experience for Students (IRES) program at the National Science Foundation (NSF). W&M students will collaborate with each other and with PIs from all these institutions. A cohort of students will travel to Australia each summer for the next three years (2016-18) to perform research on avian behavioral ecology in temperate woodlands surrounding Brisbane, Queensland—an established research site at the Samsonvale reservoir.

Each fall the Reves Center calls for proposals from full-time William & Mary faculty in all schools. Proposals must make clear the international, global or trans-national focus or context of the project, as well as the relevance to the four aspects of engaged scholarship: discovery, integration, application and teaching. With rare exceptions, the project must include an overseas research component.

The next call for Reves Center Faculty Fellow proposals will occur in fall 2016.