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Study Abroad & COLL 300

Meet the educational objectives of COLL 300 through Study Abroad!

"The purpose of COLL 300 is to connect you with people, places, and ideas that take you out of familiar surroundings and deepen the way you see yourself in the world."

"COLL 300 experiences ask you to use your knowledge, your emerging expertise in framing questions, and your communication skills to engage the world in a self-reflective, cross-cultural way." 

  • Students can satisfy COLL 300 requirements by earning at least three credits in a W&M sponsored international study abroad program and meeting all requirements as outlined below. 

    • Third-party, exchange, and sponsored-semester programs*: Students must successfully complete (grade of C or better) at least 3 credits, receive pre- or post-approval for the credits, satisfactorily complete a post-program reflection, and be registered by the appropriate deadline through the Global Education Office (GEO) at the Reves Center.

      • *Sponsored semester programs in LaPlata and Seville do not need to complete the post-program reflection and will work with your W&M faculty liaison for course equivalencies at W&M.
    • W&M faculty-led programs: Since courses on these programs are already W&M courses, COLL 300 designation for faculty-led W&M-approved study abroad programs is automatic and does not require a separate credit transfer process. 

  • Once transfer requirements are successfully completed, all William & Mary study abroad courses through the Global Education Office carry COLL 300 credit, irrespective of the courses taken while studying abroad.
  • Although COLL 300 typically happens in your third year, you are able to receive credit for COLL 300 through study abroad earlier.
  • Explore your program options
  • Learn more about the study abroad process by attending a virtual Study Abroad 101 or Study Abroad 201 workshops.
  • Information for transfer students
More information about COLL 300 :
How to Fulfill COLL 300

"There are many ways to complete COLL 300:

  • You can experience COLL 300 on campus, through designated courses that address global or cross-cultural issues and include presentations by visiting scholars, artists, and public intellectuals.
  • Study abroad in a program sponsored by William & Mary and offered through the Reves Center. These all qualify as COLL 300 experiences.
  • You could take courses through the DC Program that are designated as COLL 300."