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Tiered Enrollment

Tiered Enrollment is a process that academic departments and programs utilize to control enrollment in specific classes during registration. A department may opt to limit the maximum enrollment available in a course based on social class to ensure enough space for other social classes or incoming students later in the registration cycle. Tiered enrollment is only in effect for fall and spring terms.

The spreadsheet below shows the tiered enrollment for the upcoming registration cycle. The numbers for each day signify the maximum allowed enrollment for each social class. Please note that each day’s TOTAL maximum enrollment will be filled in for that group in a progression. For example: maximum enrollment set to 5 for social class seniors, add 5 more for a TOTAL maximum enrollment of 10 for social class juniors, etc., continuing through the registration process. On the spreadsheet, the "n/c" indicates there is no change from the previous social class.

Tiered enrollment maximums will be finalized and in place before carts close for degree-seeking undergraduate students. Tiered enrollment totals are subject to change, and updates to the spreadsheet will be published as quickly as possible when changes are made. Only classes that departments and programs have chosen to institute tiered enrollment are listed on the spreadsheet.


Tiered enrollment is set by academic departments and programs. Students with questions about tiered enrollment should contact the department or program of the course. More information about social class is available on the Office of the University Registrar's Office website.