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Search for Classes

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If you need to search for a specific course or courses to add, you can search the schedule on the web by subject, course number, title, part of term, schedule type, campus, instructor, course attribute, time/day. You can search for classes for an upcoming registration by using the Look Up Classes to Add menu option.

In order to perform a class search in either Look-up Classes to Add or Class Schedule, you must choose at least one department. If you want all courses with a particular attribute (Freshman Seminar, for example), but don't want to specify a department, you can highlight all the departments by using the shift key, and the arrow down button to highlight the entire department list. After you have identified the criteria for your search, select the Advanced Search button at the bottom of the screen to submit your search. When you perform a Class Search, a list of courses that meet your criteria will display.

  • If it is your time to register, the first column is a Select box that will allow you to place a check by those courses you wish to add. If there is no box, it is not your time to register. If there is a letter C in the first column, the course is closed and cannot be added to your schedule (if you have received a Maximum Capacity Override, return to the add/drop worksheet and enter the CRN to add the class).
  • The following columns provide information about the course to include CRN, Subject, Course Number, Section, Campus, Credits, Title, Days, Time, and Location, and Attributes.
  • The column titled CAP refers to the maximum capacity for a class. This number is determined by the department.
  • The column titled ACT refers to the actual number of students currently enrolled in the course.
  • The column titled REM refers to the number of remaining open seats in a class.
  • The columns titled XL CAP, XL ACT, and XL REM refer to a course or courses that are cross listed with the course in your search.
  • Notice the column titled ATTRIBUTE. This is where you will see if a course meets a GER or other degree requirement, has additional fees, or requires instructor permission.
  • From the class search results page, you can register for classes, return and perform a new search, or go back to the Add/Drop Worksheet page by selecting one of the buttons beneath the course listing.
Registering or Adding Courses

If you have completed a class search, you can put a check in the box to the left of the course and select Register in order to add the course to your schedule. If you know the CRN's for the courses you want, you do not need to do a class search. Enter the five digit CRN for the course(s) you want to take on the Add/Drop Classes worksheet. Use the tab key to move from one CRN space to another. Enter numbers carefully and confirm your entries.

Be careful with those CRNs!

A reversal or other error in the entry of the numbers will register you for the wrong course. It is your responsibility to check the current schedule section of the add/drop worksheet to ensure you are in the correct classes. If you want to change your schedule prior to submitting it, select Reset.

Confirm your schedule

After you have submitted all of your course selections, confirm your schedule. When you select Submit Changes, you are registered.

You will see the course status "Web Registered" next to the course[s]. You will NOT receive an additional confirmation.

Registration errors

If a course is incorrect or there is a registration error, return to the Add/Drop Courses screen and change your registration through the Action block. Errors in registration will result in error messages. In some instances you can correct the error and still add the course. For a complete explanation of the possible errors and the corrective actions, select Registration Errors from the menu on the left.