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Registration Overrides

Instructor Override

Overrides Pre-requisites, Special Approval, Major, College, Level, Class, Degree, and Program restrictions. It does not give the student permission to enter a closed course

Maximum Capacity Override

ONLY overrides the maximum capacity of a course, or closed course

COLINK Override

Overrides links and co-requisites

  • Overrides are only valid during your registration window and/or add/drop period. They do not allow you to add after the registration window and/or add/drop period has ended.
  • If you know a course requires Instructor Permission – obtain override before your registration window opens and verify it is there.
  • If you need permission to enter a course that requires instructor permission, AND the course is closed, you will need both the Instructor Override and the Maximum Capacity Override in order to add the course.
  • If granted, you will see both overrides for the CRN on the Check Your Registration Status page.
  • Overrides DO NOT Register you for the class. Instructors DO NOT have the ability to register you for a class. It is YOUR responsibility to add the class after you have received the override.