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Glossary of Banner Terms

Alternate Pin – A six digit number used to access registration by new students during their first year.

Course Attribute – A tag placed on a course that describes it in some way. The most common use so far is to identify those courses carrying a GER for undergraduate courses. You will see more attributes attached to courses as we move forward with Banner and its degree audit system.

CRN (Course Reference Number) – Each section in the course schedule has a unique number attached to it. It is the first column you see when you do a course search. This number can be entered into the add/drop worksheet in order to register for that section.

Grade Mode – The way in which a course is graded. The most common grade modes are standard grade (Letter grade from A to F) and pass/fail (either a P for pass or an F for fail is assigned)

Hold – An administrative "hold" on your student record that can prevent registration, receipt of transcripts, etc. The most common holds are for overdue student accounts, parking fines, library fines, health services fees, telecom charges, etc. You can also have a hold for academic issues with the Dean of Students Office and for not declaring a major (once you have more than 54 earned hours). If you have a hold that prevents registration, you must contact the office that placed the hold and take care of the issue before you can register.

Level – Indicates the level of the student and the level of coursework. At William & Mary we have the following levels: Undergraduate (U), Law (LW), Graduate Business (GB), Graduate Education (GE), Graduate Arts and Sciences (GA), Graduate Marine Science (GM).

myW&M – At myW&M, students can click icons for email, Banner and Blackboard.

Part of Term – A set of dates within the larger semester. Most courses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be in Part of term 1, while Law courses will be in Part of term L, MBA courses will be in Part of term M, and Graduate level education courses will be in part of term E.

Registered – Course status that indicates someone administratively registered you for a course, such as the Registrar’s Office.

Submit Changes – Button you will select on the Add/Drop worksheet when you want to add a course. You will also select this button after you have selected the Web Drop function in order to drop a course.

Variable Credit Course – A course that can be taken for a range of credit hours. A Variable credit course could be from 1.00 to 3.00 credit hours, for example. The student can chose whether s/he takes the course for 1 or 3 credit hours.

Web Drop – Shows up in a drop down box next to a course you have already registered for. If you wish to drop the course, you must select Web Drop and then select Submit Changes.

Web Registered – Course status that indicates you successfully registered yourself for a course over the web. You will see this status next to the course on the Add/Drop Worksheet.