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Banner 9 Class List

Banner Self Service allows you to view your class lists, provide registration overrides, grade and view advisee information, as well as email your class.

Get Started
  1. Go to myW&M, click the Banner button, and login with your W&M Username and password.
  2. From the Faculty Services Menu, select Banner 9 Class List.
  3. To filter for a specific term, click on All Terms and then select the term from the drop down box. You can also search for a specific course by CRN, course title, or course subject and number by using the search in the top right of the page. Verify the term by looking at the term column, then click on the course to view the class list.
  4. The Class List page has two different views: Summary View and Detail View. You can toggle between the two views in the upper right, below the course information block.
    • Summary View: A condensed list with the name and ID of each registered student and links to the midterm and final grade worksheets.
    • Detail View: An expanded list with information about a student's major, as well as all the information available in the Summary View.
  5. To search for a specific student in the class, type their name in the search available on the right side. To view the email address for a student, hover over their name with your mouse. A contact card that includes their W&M email address will appear. You can also use the built-in email functionality.
  6. To select a new CRN, you can go back to the CRN listing through the breadcrumbs at the top of the page underneath the green W&M header. You can also click the toggle at the top of the page, which is displaying the current course that you have selected. When you click to toggle, a drop down will appear and will include the other courses you are teaching in the same term.
Export Your Class List to Excel

If you need to export your class list to excel, click Export in the very top right corner, under the green W&M header. Select .xls or .xlsx from the pop-up window, then click Export. Your class list will download and be available to open in Excel.

Emailing Your Class

To send an individual email to a student registered in your course, you can copy their email address from their contact card. You can also click the box to the left of their name, then click the blue envelope next to the search on the right side. To email multiple students, click the boxes to the left of their names, then click the blue envelope. To email the whole class, click the left box in the column header, then click the blue envelope. Remember to make sure you use the BCC line if emailing more than one student.

Need help?

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (757) 221-2800, or IT Support at (757) 221-HELP.