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Choosing the Best Browser

To get the best performance out of applications, confirm that you are using the recommended Internet browser for that application. Due to unforeseen compatibility issues, if you notice that a particular browser is not working for the specific application or website that you are trying to access, be sure to try another Internet browser.

Banner 9 PROD/Admin

Banner 9 is compatible with any type of modern web browser.  You can choose your favorite... Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. 

Banner Self-Service

Compatible with any modern browser.


Works best with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can also use the Browser Checker to see if your browser supports Blackboard.


Compatible with any modern browser.

Discoverer Viewer

Compatible with any modern browser.

Outlook (OWA)

Compatible with most browsers. However, Chrome is not recommended because there are issues with attaching files.

William & Mary Mail List Service

Works best with Firefox.

W&M Website

Works best with Chrome, then Firefox.

Keep in mind that browsers update and change regularly. Make sure that you are always using the most updated version of your current browser.

Here's how to check your current version of your browser and how to update it:



Like Internet Explorer, Firefox also performs automatic updates. This is Firefox's default setting; however, users can also manually upgrade their browser. Here's how to check which version of Firefox you are using:

1. Click the Menu button and select Help.

2. Select About Firefox. The version number will be listed underneath the Firefox name.

If an updated version is available, Firefox will automatically download the updated version. Once the updates are ready to be installed, click Restart Firefox to Update.


In order to ensure that you are using the most current version of Safari, users must keep macOS up to date. Here's how to check your version of Safari:

1. Open Safari and click on Safari in your browser menu, located at the top of the screen.

2. Choose About Safari from the drop-down menu.

3. A dialog box will appear containing the version number of your browser. The first number, which appears outside of the parenthesis, is the actual version number.

To upgrade your version of Safari, go to Apple Support and follow instructions on how to install macOS Sierra through the Mac App Store.

Google Chrome

Like the other browsers, Chrome also offers automatic updates. Here's how to check what version of Chrome you have:

1. Open Chrome and at the top right, click on the More icon.

2. Click Help and select About Google Chrome from the drop-down menu. The current version number is the series of numbers beneath the Google Chrome heading.

3. Click Relaunch to apply any available updates.

To upgrade your current version of Chrome, follow these instructions:

1. Open Chrome and at the top right, click on the More icon.

2. Click Update Google Chrome. If you do not see this option, then you are already using the most recent version.

3. Click Relaunch. If you do not wish to restart right away, you can click on Not now. When you do restart your browser, the updates will be applied.

Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, clearing your cache and cookies may also be helpful if a website or program is not loading correctly on a particular browser. Visit Cache and Cookies to clear any unwanted cache and cookies.


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