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System Architecture & Hardware

William & Mary's centrally-managed high-performance/supercomputing infrastructure is organized into two interoperable cluster computing systems. The clusters are located on different campuses, but are linked via high-speed networks and are accessible remotely (subject to authorization) from any location with an Internet connection. The clusters are

  • SciClone, located on the main campus in Williamsburg, and
  • Chesapeake, located on the VIMS campus at Gloucester Point.

Each of these clusters combines multiple generations of equipment with varying hardware and software characteristics into a single integrated system. This heterogeneity requires some additional integration work on the part of staff, but makes it easier to support research and instruction that involves differences between hardware, allows capacity to be expanded gradually and less expensively, and permits inclusion of specific hardware needed by researchers.

Within each cluster, individual computers (a.k.a nodes) of the same type are organized into subclusters.