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IT Approval Process at W&M

William & Mary's technological environment is a complex and ever-changing landscape. We are here to help you navigate the complexities. 

IT reviews several aspects while reviewing your technology purchase requests, like:

  • Functionality:  Is this new software/equipment/consultation going to meet your needs?
  • Integration:  Will the new piece of software/equipment work with our existing systems and/or databases?
  • Duplication:  Is there an existing technology that can meet your need?
  • Security:  How does it keep personal data safe?
  • Pricing:  Are you getting the best deal? Can we negotiate a better price for you?

The IT approval process can take time. The earlier we can get involved, the better. It gives us an opportunity to identify any potential issues before you invest a lot of time (or money) into any product or service. Plus, it gives you W&M Information Technology's support and expertise throughout the procurement process.

When should an IT approval be submitted?

IT approval is required for almost all technology purchases. Please see the fifth collapsible item in this list to learn what is exempt from IT approvals.

Purchases requiring IT approval

How do I submit an IT approval request and what do I need to include when submitting a review?

How do I submit an IT approval?

  1. Go to
  2. Once you have logged in select “Buy Something”. 
  3. From there you can choose:
    • Hardware & Accessories – Lease, purchase or request approvals for computers and accessories.
    • Enterprise Applications & Services – Applications or software to meet university or departmental needs, including data services, technology consulting, web services and hosting.
    • Desktop Software - Applications or software installed on a desktop to meet an individual need.
    • Telephone - Campus phone system services.
    • Print management - Copiers and printers.
    • Scantron - Paper bubble sheets for multiple choice and true/false testing.

What do I need to include when submitting a request?

  • Hardware & Accessories - for non-standard computer hardware and servers include:
    • Quotes, invoices or contracts a vendor has provided.
    • Details on how the hardware will be used.
    • Why the W&M desktop and laptop hardware will not meet your needs, if applicable. 
  • Enterprise Applications & Services - please include:
    • Quotes, invoices or contracts a vendor has provided.
    • Any URLs for vendor's website.
    • Include any security documentation they may have provided.
    • Include your vendors contact info, name and email address. We may need to reach out directly to them for additional documentation.
    • Be sure to complete the section on security, having this information helps us determine what additional information we need or who at W&M we will need to include in the process.
  • Desktop software
    • Quotes, invoices or contracts a vendor has provided.
    • Any URLs for vendor's website.
    • Details on how the software will be used and why it is needed.
  • Telephone - This is used to add, change or remove telephone service.
  • Print management - This is used to order lease copiers and purchase printers through IT under the print management contract.
  • Scantron -  This is used to purchase scantron bubble sheets from IT.
What are we looking for in an IT approval ticket?
  • We need to know how the requested item will be used and who it will be used by.
  • We need to see quotes, invoices or contracts to help determine what is being purchased.
  • We need to know the vendor's webpage URL so we can review terms and conditions, privacy statements and security information.
  • We need to know what data, if any, you will be using. How that data will be used, who will be using that data and whether or not you need data integration with another system on campus.
  • If it's a renewal we need to know if you are making any additions or changes to the existing service.
  • If this is a new system, we will need to know if you need IT to implement and manage the system for you or the university.
*Providing as much detail as possible will help us make a determination and respond to you faster.
Who on campus do we work with on reviews and why?

We may contact the campus customer if we have questions or need more details. We may also reach out if alternative solutions already exist on campus.

IT works with stakeholders across campus. Here are just a few:

  • The University Registrar for systems using student information or academic recorder data.
  • Human Resources for employee information.
  • University Advancement for donor and alumni information.
  • University Web & Design for any web and/or mobile applications. As well to ensure branding guidelines are met.
  • ADA/Rehabilitation Act Coordinator for ADA compliance.
  • Procurement for legal, contractual or procurement assistance.
  • Research and Graduate Professional Studies for protection of human subjects.
What is exempt from review?

The following list is a broad guideline to items previously not requiring IT approval. However, you are encouraged to [[support, contact IT]] if you have questions. You are still required to use authorized resellers and IT does encourage you to contact Procurement about who our SWaM vendors are.

  • Digital cameras (point & shoot, DSLR, camcorders)
  • USB storage drives (flash drives, external HDD's)
  • Accessories (keyboards, mice, cases, cables, covers)
  • USB Webcams (network cameras must be submitted for approval)
How much time can an IT approval take?

The earlier you involve IT the better. Approval time does vary from approval to approval. We do try to turn approval around as quickly as possible, but approvals can take up to a month or more.  IT does have regulatory requirements we follow as well as internal business practices we need to analyze. The more data and documentation you can provide up front the better.

What is the approval process when purchasing an Apple product?
  • Login to and create your shopping cart, then proceed to check out.
  • The IT approval for Apple products takes place during the buyW&M approval process. No need to contact IT prior. 
  • Please remember we do require AppleCare be purchased on all computers. Airpods are not allowed. 
  • This IT approval process only applies to Apple products. All other items still require the standard  IT approval.

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm