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Fact Book

The interactive University Data Fact Book contains both student and faculty and staff trend data of various data metrics and snapshot data facts of the university. The data displayed on all of Fact Books are census data, which are ‘frozen’ at a point-in-time during the year. These census data are also used for the university’s compliance and other external reporting as well. William & Mary faculty and staff can access all of these interactive Fact Books using their W&M Username and password.
If you are not a Faculty/Staff at W&M, data snapshots/summaries of Admissions, Enrollment, Transfer Student, Degrees Conferred, Graduation Rates, Diversity, and Faculty/Staff data are available for download.

Faculty/Staff Access to Interactive Fact Book Data

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Admission Fact Book

Presents undergraduate (both freshman and transfer) admission data trends over time by race/ethnicity, gender, and residency. The admission data includes number of applied, admitted, and enrolled, admission rate, yield rate, and SAT scores. It also displays graduate student admission with those breakouts and by school.

Access the Admission Fact Book

Enrollment Fact Book

Allows you to explore the enrollment trends and specific academic period major enrollment, including breakouts by race/ethnicity, gender, full/part time, student level, residency, and school. It also presents Undergraduate and Graduate Diversity Dashboards.

Access the Enrollment Fact Book

Transfer Student Fact Book

Presents undergraduate transfer student enrollment trends by race/ethnicity, gender, full/part-time, age, residency, class, and by sending institution. The sending institution contains both individual institution level details and two or four-year, Virginia or non-Virginia aggregate level data.

Access the Transfer Student Fact Book

Degree Conferred Fact Book

Presents degree awarded trends over time by degree level, school, first/second major, and STEM fields. It provides degree awarded breakouts by race/ethnicity, gender, and residency as well. It also displays longitudinal undergraduate second-year retention, six-year graduation rate by race and gender, and transfer-out rates on the last sheet.

access the Degree conferred fact book 

Graduation Rates Fact Book

Presents the W&M's 3-year, 4-year, 6-year graduate rates since Fall 2008 cohort. It also displays and compares the graduation rates between sub-cohorts of Pell recipients vs non-Pell recipients, and Stafford Loan recipients vs non-Stafford Loan recipients. It provides both summary information and breakdowns by race and gender of each graduating cohort.

Access the Graduation rates Fact Book

Faculty and Staff Fact Book

Allows you to explore faculty/staff type across academic years, including breakouts by race/ethnicity, gender, full/part time, and school. For instructional faculty, it also displays faculty count by rank and tenure status with all those breakouts, and average salary information by rank.

Access the Faculty and Staff Fact Book

Fact Book Data Dictionary

Includes the core data definitions in the current Fact Books, and their valid values, calculated rules, and special usage notes.

Access The fact book data dictionary

Diversity Fact Book

Presents diversity data regarding to our students, faculty, and staff, including gender, race/ethnicity, first-generation and Pell status for students.

Access The Diversity Fact book

Undergraduate Outcomes

Cohen Career Center at William & Mary collects undergraduate outcomes data, e.g. employment and graduate school enrollment, through multiple channels. The data is compiled into annual reports which are available here. If you have any further questions regarding the reports, please contact Kelly O’Shaughnessy, Associate Director of Career Engagement.

Access Undergraduate Outcomes