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Employee Appreciation Day

It’s been a great week for the IT staff, if we do say so ourselves. And since it is Employee Appreciation Day at W&M we’d like to single out a few folks.

First, Reporting & Business Analyst Danny Banks is being “Toasted by Admission.” Every month, W&M Admission selects an employee outside of their office that’s been particularly instrumental and this month it’s Danny! Betsy Quinzio, who nominated him, describes Danny as “Our behind the scenes, go-to guy in IT.” As the “sounding board” for any IT related Admission project, he helps out with everything from loading crucial SAT data to neutralizing any Banner issues. “He is a real asset to our department and a credit to the College,” Betsy says.

Second, Geri Ellis and Scott Fenstermacher have served the university for 40 years and 35 years, respectively, and they’ll be honored at the Employee Appreciation Day lunch.

Geri currently manages Banner and Operational Data Store upgrades, but the bulk of her work here at W&M (from 1970 to 2009) has been with various mainframe computers. She’s also a W&M alum! IT’s Dan Ewart personally attests to Geri’s tireless commitment, “We worked a late shift on Sunday nights to do system work on the mainframe computer and there were a few nights that she brought her infant daughter to sleep in the office while we worked.” Is it a coincidence Geri’s daughter grew up to attend W&M just like her mother?

As Network Manager, Scott simply embodies IT’s core philosophy of “connectivity.” If you’ve ever accessed W&M internet in a classroom, an administrative building, a residence hall, Swem library or anywhere else on campus, you have Scott to thank. It’s impossible to overstate just how crucial his work is to W&M.

W&M is also recognizing nine other IT employees for their dedicated service.

5 years

Clouser, Daniel W.
Haag, Steven A.

10 years

Encarnacion, Tracey P.
Keel, Matthew I. 
Moledge, Clarke H.
Perry, Anita T.
Yanez, Pablo

20 years

Pavelich, Nancy L.

25 years

Grimes, Connie S.