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Off-Campus Internet Tips 


Tips for improving your home or off-campus internet connection

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If you are experiencing slow internet issues at your home, apartment, or other off-campus site, please try the following tips to improve your internet experience. 

Know the level of speed purchased from your internet provider 

  • Internet providers offer a variety of speeds ranging from very slow (5mbps) to very fast (1000mbps) 
Test your speed to see if it matches your purchased level of internet service 
  • The website Speedtest is one of many sites you can use
  • Speeds will not exactly match purchased speed but should be close  
Make sure you have a recent wireless router 
  • 802.11ac is the standard for today’s routers.  Older wireless standards such as 802.11n or 802.11g may provide speeds slower than your Internet connection 
  • Best Wireless Routers List from PC Mag 
Be sure your software clients are up-to-date 
  • Check for updates for Zoom and other clients frequently 

Reduce traffic on your connection

  • If on a shared internet connection, avoid Netflix and similar streaming services while others sharing the Internet are doing Zoom calls 


  • Reboot your computer, wireless router, and modem as a first step if internet problems occur