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Mind the (Communications) Gap: Towards a Novel Approach in Science Communications for Researchers in NGO’s

Research Location: Headquartered: El Salvador
Conservation Partner: Regional Program for Development and the Environment (PRISMA)

Student Researcher

Van Monday ’24 , Major: American Studies, Major: Film and Media Studies. 

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Fernando Galeana-Rodriguez
Project Description

For scientific knowledge to be translated into conservation action, there is a need to bridge the gap between the research being conducted by conservation scientists, affected groups, and intended audiences. The goal of science communication is to bridge that gap that is driven by a lack of training among small NGOS about effective communication, a gap in the literature on effective community strategies, and, therefore, a lack of information and action among the target audiences most affected by climate change.

Working alongside Programa Regional de Investigacion sobre Desorollo y Medio Ambiente (PRISMA) and with support from Dr Fernando Galeana Rodriguez, Van conducted a literature review and analyzed the communication strategies employed by major social movements in the US (Sunrise movement, etc.) to provide PRISMA with a guide for developing an effective science communication plan designed to effectively engage target audiences in sustainable governance of forests and ecosystems and in climate policy and adaptation.

CRP Year-long
Project Manager