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Based at the Global Research Institute and in collaboration with the Department of Health Sciences, Ignite combines the knowledge of faculty, students, and community partners worldwide to optimize health investments in resource-limited settings. This work equips policymakers with critical information that informs public health decisions. 

Students at Ignite develop actionable research skills and knowledge across a variety of disciplines, as Ignite’s projects draw on literature and proven methods from various fields — including public health, economics, geography, and political science. Past research has compared the effectiveness of lockdown policies in 113 countries, studied the impact of an insecticide-treated bednet campaign on child mortality, and examined how health aid projects have influenced Malawi’s malaria services.

Project Leader

Professor Carrie Dolan

Focus Areas

Ignite promotes the just distribution of health resources by focusing on effectiveness, efficiency, and equity. Researchers study how health policies and interventions can respond to disparities around the world.


[[cbdolan,Professor Carrie Dolan]]

Student Opportunities

Ignite is always looking for talented and motivated people who are interested in our multi-disciplinary research collaborations. We offer flexibility, inclusion, collaboration and we put people who use our research at the heart of what we do. Please visit our website for more information on how you can be part of Ignite. 


Health Sciences, Charles Center, CDCCenter for Policy Impact in Global HealthWorld Pediatric ProjectUniversity of Ghana’s Department of Health Policy, Planning, and Management 

Selected Ignite Research

Pincombe, Morgan, Victoria Reese, Carrie B Dolan, "The effectiveness of national-level containment and closure policies across income levels during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis of 113 countries." Health Policy and Planning, 2021; czab054,

Hilla, Amy, Victoria Reese, Justice Nonvignon, and Carrie B. Dolan. "Methods for estimating economic benefits of surgical interventions in low-income and middle-income countries: a scoping review." BMJ open 10, no. 12 (2020): e039644, 

Dolan, Carrie B., McKinley Saunders, and Ariel BenYishay. "Childhood health and the changing distribution of foreign aid: Evidence from Nigeria's transition to lower-middle-income status." Plos one 15, no. 11 (2020): e0241866, 

Dolan, Carrie B. "Health aid projects have both expanded and constrained the capacity of health facilities to deliver malaria services to under-five children in Malawi." BMJ global health 3, no. 6 (2018).